Why Every Enneagram Type Needs a Financial Therapist

written by Bari Tessler September 30, 2020
Why Every Enneagram Type Needs a Financial Therapist

Dear Friends:

Oh, I am so excited to share this interview with you.

I found out about the Enneagram (personality typing system) in my twenties when I was in graduate school training as a Somatic Psychotherapist. Even though I was skeptical of typing systems, this one resonated with me immediately. I quickly could see it as a tool of self-discovery and to help understand relationship dynamics better.

You see, each typology has its own strengths and challenges, of course! Each type has its own set of core beliefs that motivate us to take actions and make decisions. And, each type reacts to stressful and supportive situations differently. Can you imagine how helpful this could be to know this about yourself?!

I have learned so much over the years in regards to my own tendencies, patterns, gifts and challenges. This system has helped me in my marriage, parenting, business, as a therapist and with so many friendships over the years.

I used to include an Enneagram expert in the Art of Money program. While they were an expert in Enneagram and could talk for days about the types, wings and subtypes, I never felt satisfied when I asked questions about how each type engaged with money.

So, when I was asked to be on this podcast, I told the host I’m not an expert on Enneagram and money dynamics but I am an expert on my Art of Money methodology. I said I was happy to speak about Financial Therapy, my own experience with the Enneagram and how it has served me over the years.

While the interview started out with questions I knew I would be asked, it quickly detoured into both of us exploring all 9 types and their dynamics around money. We both spontaneously riffed on each type. I’ve gotten feedback that we nailed some of the types and their money strengths and challenges. So, please enjoy this interview!

Why Every Enneagram Type Needs a Financial Therapist

You can listen on the Typology podcast here.

Or you can watch the video on the Typology YouTube channel here.

Please Note: I really despise taking the Enneagram tests to clarify typology. They never worked for me, and I don’t think they’re accurate (well not for my type anyway). To find out what type you are, I always suggest reading the type descriptions in the book, The Wisdom of the Enneagram, by Riso-Hudson. It’s a much better way to find your typology. I think once you’ll read through the 9 different descriptions, you will find yourself. Be gentle when you do. It may feel like your insides are being turned outside. Of course, we are a combination of all 9 types, but there is one type that really sets the tone for how we interact with ourselves and the world. And, it’s a wonderful tool for life and relationships.

With dear wishes,

P.S. The Art of Money 2021 Opens on October 8th for Early Bird Enrollment!

Though the program isn’t open for registration yet, you can review all the details about it, including the curriculum, guest teachers, community calls and alumni-led forum on my Art of Money program page.

The biggest new thing happening with my Art of Money program for this next round is that in addition to us not raising the cost of the program we’ll also offer a new payment option: you and a friend/mother/father/brother/sister/colleague/etc. can join the program together for the same low, discounted rate we’ve always offered couples who join the program.

That means you and a friend will be able to join at the discounted couple’s rate and you can split the expense between you.

With all that’s going on in our painful and beautiful world, it’s more important than ever to find a safe community space where you can talk through money issues. That is one of the most important parts of the Art of Money program…the community support, both from me and other members in the program.

We’ll be opening for our early-bird registration on October 8th. So, stay tuned and get ready. If you could use some extra affordable support in your money life, I can’t wait to welcome you…

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