Today’s the day! Art of Money 2021 Is Open
For Registration

written by Bari Tessler October 8, 2020
Bari Tessler Open Arms

Dear Friend:

Today, our Art of Money program opens for registration, and as we begin, I wanted to write a letter to you. This isn’t our normal way to go about opening the year-long Art of Money program, but we’re living in very non-normal times, so this somehow seems to fit the moment, like curling up on the couch on Sunday to read a good book with a cup of coffee by your side. It’s just…right.

When the leaves begin to turn rich colors of reds and yellows here in Boulder, that’s when we usually begin another free series of Money Mochas to celebrate the opening of the next round of The Art of Money program. But this year it felt like we needed to do something different to begin. That’s why I’m writing you this letter. (And don’t worry, I’ve got a whole new set of Money Mochas coming to your inbox starting tomorrow morning.)

Okay…deep breath. These are truly extraordinary times. Take a quick look around you and here’s just some of what’s happening: There’s a pandemic that’s affecting people in every country, environmental disasters are happening everywhere you turn, a critical election is about to happen in the U.S., and an ongoing racial justice movement that’s extending to many countries is growing quickly.

I’ve seen my fair share of people going through financial and life challenges in these times. I’ve heard everything from folks being laid off and going on unemployment, to family members dying of Covid-19 and receiving life insurance monies, to some businesses receiving PPL money and some not. Some industries have had a significant dip in revenue while others are seeing a large increase in demand for their services, and their revenue is going up more than ever. I’m seeing all sides of the current situation and each one comes with their own challenges, gifts, and responsibilities.

This time we’re living through now is unlike anything any of us have ever been through. There is so much change, so many unknowns and It’s A LOT to hold. Any part of this many-layered mess can send stress levels through the roof. So much of what was once normal in our day-to-day lives is changing so fast. Sometimes it feels like the very Earth is bending and shaking beneath our feet.

Being home for the last seven months has given me a lot of time to think about the role of The Art of Money methodology in the larger context. After a lot of deep soul searching I’ve realized that this work, the Art of Money framework that I take people through in the course, is tried and true.

It’s been battle-tested for the last 19 years and gives people the tools and practices to help navigate the ups and downs and all-arounds. It’s an approach that brings more compassion, savviness, and empowerment into our relationship with money. It’s a method that helps in good times and bad, during the ebbs and flows of life, and through some of life’s most challenging transitions.

This work gives the people who practice it an essential, solid foundation to stand on, keeping the Earth from feeling like it’s shaking underfoot.

I can’t tell you how many current and former Art of Money students have sent me emails over the past few months during the pandemic to tell me how grateful they are to have all the emotional and practical tools and skills they learned in the program to help them through the challenges of what we’re all going through now.

They tell me that things like the somatic tools and essential money education they got from the course are helping them navigate through these unknown waters, and I have to tell you, that confirms my resolve. The tools in this program can help people navigate through the storm of our current situation.

Now, this will be the 9th year we’re running the program. Each time we open it, we never know what large events will happen that could bring extra challenges for the new members coming into the program.

This year, we’ve had an extra giant unexpected curveball thrown at us as worldwide citizens, and given what’s happening, we’re making some changes to the program to bring you ultra-practical timely tips and emotional insights tailor made for these times we’re in.

The foundation of the Art of Money program and methodology will remain the same as it has in years past. That foundation includes Money Healing, Money Practices, and Money Maps. It weaves personal finance, couples finance, and creative entrepreneur money teachings into one complete tapestry.

So, the foundation of the methodology will be the same, but we’re adding many new lessons, guest teachers, resources, and tools that are designed to help you with the specific challenges of life in a pandemic. (I’ll share more about the details of everything that’s new this year in an email soon, and you can also read through the details about the program here to see what’s new for this year.)

And here’s one thing I know to be true without an ounce of doubt: getting through big life challenges, which are often related to big money challenges, is so much harder when you do it alone.

The community aspect of the Art of Money program has always been one of the most important pieces of the program for this very reason, but given what’s happening in our world this year, we wanted to do something more to not only make the program more affordable but make the community aspect an even bigger part of the experience. We’ve come up with a plan that does both things in one simple brush stroke:

For this registration period, which starts today, as in, right now, you can join the Art of Money 2021 program with a co-partner of your choosing and the two of you can join at the discounted couple’s rate…and then split the cost together.

Your partner could be anyone: a friend, a brother, a sister, a spouse, your mom, dad, grandma, cousin, hairdresser…literally anyone. You two can join the program together as AOM buddies and get the rate that we normally only give to couples.

When the two of you split the cost, you’ll both have access to the year-long program and community support for about half as much as it would normally cost. So, not only are we not raising the cost of The Art of Money program (like most online programs seem to do every year), we’re actually making it more affordable than ever. That’s win #1.

What this will also do is give you a built-in friend on the money journey, which means you’ll feel less alone. And when people join the program and bring their friends, the community will be even more full and vibrant than it normally is. More fellow money transformation travelers for you to potentially connect with, get support from, and support in return. That’s win #2 for you.

If the Art of Money program has been calling your name for some time, I hope these changes will help you in some way. The more I think about it, the more I feel like the only way we’re going to make it through this time is by sticking together in a community of like-minded travelers.

Okay, before I go here, let me be extra clear:

The Art of Money 2021 is now open for early-bird registration for a handful of days.

If you’ve been ready to join the program and start your money healing journey for a while, the door is now open. And this year, you can bring a friend through that door and split the program fee with them.

If you’re ready to go, you can get all the details about the program and join the already growing AOM 2021 community right over here.

If you’re raring to go and ready for a change in your money realm, you can begin the journey now, and start getting a suitcase full of support.

Though the program doesn’t officially begin until January 1st, 2021, inside the member area there’s literally several months worth of learning materials waiting for you (meaning, you’ll get instant access to my whole doggone archive library of training materials) and early bird bonus content to get you going on the path of money healing.

Thank you for sticking with me in this letter. It felt deeply important to send this to you as we open registration today.

To that end, I’ll see you tomorrow, with a brand new series of fresh, piping-hot Money Mochas to warm your mornings with loving wisdom for your money relationship.

If you’re ready to join us in the Art of Money 2021 program, I literally cannot wait to support you inside the program on your journey to a more calm, spacious, and grounded relationship with money

With my dearest wishes,

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