Money Conversation Starters with your kids.

written by Bari Tessler March 5, 2021
Money Conversation Starters with your kids.

Dear Money Adventurer,

One of my favorite things about working with money is the intimate connections we forge with trust and authenticity every time we delve into these waters. From the mundane moments to the soulfully deep places where the desires of our hearts reside, here we explore our stories and patterns, finding forgiveness to release the past, and begin a new chapter in our money journey.

Here we discover that our relationship with money is like a river, flowing through our entire lives; from our earliest days as children, we weave a narrative around money like a tapestry painted with beliefs, hopes, fears, obstacles, failures, joys, and celebration.

Here we grow and transform, gracing ourselves with tender loving care and practical tools to build a personal relationship with money in our lives. We begin to move through the world differently, and the people we love are front-row spectators.

Here we come to another layer of our money journey — what does it look like to bring money home with you? To truly welcome money in, to give it a seat on the couch and a cup of tea?

How do you start that brave new conversation about money with the people closest to you, like your parents or your sweetie? What about talking to your kids about money?


Deep Breath.

Few of us ever received a financial education when we were growing up. Trust me when I say that you aren’t alone here. When you look at where you are now and the lessons you’ve learned through your money journey, what do you wish you had been taught?

What do you want to share with your children, and how do you do it in an age-appropriate way?

You aren’t the only one facing these questions. I recently dove into our third Art of Money module, “Couples, Parenting, and Kids Money Dynamics,” to complete a big, shiny new update on the tools and lessons we share in this space. Here we learn how to start courageous money conversations with our honey, parents, and kids. We explore our values within the context of these different dynamics and learn some new self-awareness tools. Here we learn to forge a deeper connection with the ones we love. Here you find the tools and encouragement you need to understand kids’ money dynamics and start that brave conversation.

Want a sneak peek at what that looks like?

Grab a cozy cuppa, get comfy, and listen to this clip of my Art of Money guest interview with Chelsea Brennan, founder of Smart Money Mamas. Hit play and join us as we talk tools, tactics, and growing edges as we share life and money with our own partners and kids.

Psssst….want the whole thing? It’s waiting for you! Join the Art of Money community and get immediate access to the bountiful tools, resources, encouragement, and support we share along this money journey together.

I can’t wait to welcome you!

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