How can money express your values? Use this simple tool.

written by Bari Tessler February 14, 2020

I remember it like it was yesterday. 

Sunlight streaming in through the redwood trees. Rubbing my eyes as I awoke from a dream -- a vision, really -- that would change everything about how I related to money. 

19 years ago, I had a vision of how money could bridge heaven and earth. Values and practicality.

This dream showed me a whole new way to make money more meaningful, creative, and playful. 

It planted one of the seeds for the money teachings I share with you, this business, my book … everything.

At first, it shocked me. I didn’t want to believe it.

Wasn’t this somehow … sacrilegious? Wasn’t I supposed to have values and spirit on one side of my life, and money all the way over there, on another side?

It took me years to integrate this vision. Unpack it. Learn to live it. And learn to teach it.

And I’m so happy, today, to be able to share this intimate and profound teaching with you.

How to bring your values into your bookkeeping

Curl up with a cuppa -- it’s storytime. And oh, this is a good one! Let me tell you the story of: 

  • My vivid vision about a red velvet Book of Life
  • The insight about money + values that shook me to my core
  • What I learned about money from my dear, first money mentor, Tamara
  • How re-naming your financial categories can help you LIVE your values, every day.

This is one of my all-time favorite stories. You’ll hear me read the version from my book … and you will also hear some additional stories, examples, and teachings. 

So you can start LIVING this teaching, right now. (In your very own way, of course!)

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