Won’t these hard money emotions just go away already?

written by Bari Tessler January 8, 2024

Dear Money Adventurer,

A long time ago, back when my work and business used to be called “Conscious Bookkeeping,” my husband used to have what I now know is a common misconception around the harder, more challenging money emotions:

He thought they would eventually just…go away.

He thought that he wouldn’t have to deal with feeling them if he did enough psychological work, or if he just made excessive amounts of money.

But here’s the truth he eventually realized on his own: Hard emotions around money aren’t ever going to fully go away.

If you make a commitment to change your relationship with money and you do the work, they will still come up, but…and here’s the key…they will come up a lot less often and when they do come up, they’re not as intense and they don’t last nearly as long.

What changes after you do money growth work is that you’ll have a whole set of tools to use with the hard money emotions.

You’ll be able to sit with them and move through them without letting them take the steering wheel of your life and lead you into situations that aren’t what you want.

Without the proper tools and practices, when hard money emotions come up you can easily end up in a state of dysregulation, which is a term from somatic psychology that essentially means “discombobulated.”

Like when my husband used to start hyperventilating while checking out in the grocery line at Whole Foods 20 years ago when he’d see how much a couple bags of groceries cost.

The fear and anxiety that caused the hyperventilating did a number on him until he learned some tools from somatic psychology that helped him…re-combubulate, or regulate, himself so he could stay calm and grounded when the money fear came up.

Learning to work with hard money emotions is one of the main focuses in The Art of Money program. And to me, this work can truly be an art form, much in the same way that Aikido is an art form when you watch people doing it.

There’s a lot to the journey that people go on when they go through The Art of Money process, but some of the most powerful changes that leave lasting impressions on people after they do this work are the changes around how they can much more easily deal with hard money emotions when they come up.

It makes everything in life a lot easier when you can handle whatever life throws at you around your financial life.

If getting guidance and support from me around how to get to a place where you can navigate any financial challenges that come up sounds interesting, you can get all the info about The Art of Money program, plus the 5 free, super helpful bonuses that are available for 5 more days, just hop right on over here to get all the details and join us on the journey for 2024.

Here’s to a new relationship with money in 2024 (and no more hyperventilating)…

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