Take yourself on a Money Date! 27 ideas to get you psyched.

written by Bari Tessler February 12, 2020
27 ways to take yourself on a money date

When was the last time you took yourself on a money date?

Okay, I admit, it might not have the same appeal as dinner + a movie, but the rewards of regular money dates are huge and far reaching. And it may surprise you to experience just how fun, satisfying, sexy, and nourishing they can be! 

What exactly is a Money Date, you ask?

A Money Date is simply time and space for you to connect with your money relationship. This is the regular, ongoing practice that breathes life into a money relationship. It’s where we build healthy habits – on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis – to get more honest, clear, and empowered in this area of our lives. This sort of “date” might not seem as exciting as your other dates – at first. But it’s more fun than “Doing My Budget” or Paying the F-ing Bills” or “Keeping My Head in The Sand.”

Money Dates can be gentle, sacred, playful, minimalist, or comprehensive; solo or with your honey, business partner, or friend; spontaneous or scheduled, quick or luxuriously long. Any time you set aside to look at your money relationship could be called a “Money Date.”

This might sound funny coming from an experienced money teacher. But please hear me out when I say:

The only “right way” to have a money date … is YOUR way.

Not my way. Or anyone else’s. YOUR way. 

You don’t have to “do” money the same way you saw your mother or Grandpa or tax attorney do it. You get to call the shots here. 

If you want your money to feel less like a stress fest and more calm, spacious and grounded — you can do that!

And if you have depth and color and meaning woven into every other area of your life — yes, you can make interacting with your money a sacred experience, too!

In fact, in order to create sustainable financial transformation, I believe you MUST find ways to make your relationship to money your very own and infuse it with your own values and personality.

This all starts with a “Money Date.”

Every year I introduce my Art of Money students (pssst you can still join AOM 2020!) to the concept of a “Money Date,” and it’s consistently one of their favorite things! 

A “Money Date” is simply a time for you to sit down and connect with money. 

Whatever you do, you can decide to infuse it with YOUR personality and preferences and values! 

Here are 27 ideas to make a Money Date your own.

I hope you enjoy this piece and plan a Money Date for yourself soon.

The Money Date is just one of the practices we talk about in my year-long money school, The Art of Money

Cheering you on,

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