Feast your ears! My 8 fave
money convos of 2018 (so far).

written by Bari Tessler June 3, 2018
Bari Tessler Podcast Interviews

Dear Community,

Here’s some news: I’m in the middle of a special season you may never have heard of … but I think you’re gonna love.

That’s right — I invent my own seasons. (It’s true!) I think we all need our own, personalized, quirky seasons of the year. Back-To-School Season. Family-Holiday-Craziness Season. Peri-menopause: do work from bed season!

For the past few weeks, I’ve officially been in Interview Season!

You see, for the first few months of every year, I focus all of my work efforts on welcoming people into my year-long Art of Money community.

Once everyone is ushered in and settled, I have some the time and energy to enter … Interview Season!

I love connecting with people in alignment with my values and sharing my work with their communities. While I can’t accept every invitation, I’ve been thrilled to say “yes” to a ton of podcast interviews recently … and I’m ready to share the best ones with you!

In the following interviews, I chat with lovely people about Money Shame (and its antidote), how to find the right bookkeeping system, how to make money feel like a nurturing self-care practice, smart money tools for couples (so important!), how I set boundaries as a mamapreneur … and tons more.

Listen up to one *or more!* of my 8 faves from Interview Season:

1.  Financial Capital with Bari Tessler on the Mend Podcast with Anne Fricke, Poet/Author & Amy Day, Blogger/Author

2. How to Talk About Money on the Courage & Spice Podcast with Sas Petherick, Coach & Mentor

3. The Art of Money on the Grace and Grit Podcast with Courtney Townley, Personal Trainer & Health Coach

4. The Art of Money on the Wealth Clinic with Leisa Peterson, Certified Financial Planner

5. The Art of Money on the Boundary Spectrum with Andrea Gage Smith, Somatic Trainer

6. The Art of Money on the Therapist Clubhouse Podcast with Annie Schuessler, Business Coach for Therapists

7. Do you look money in the eye? on The Framing Podcast with Ricardo McRae, Designer turned Financial Advisor

8. Women & Finances on the SheTime Podcast with Alexandra Sampson, Self-Care Advocate

I hope these conversations inspire, guide, and support you, wherever you are in your money journey right now.

And if you’re facing a particularly sticky money puzzle or riddle right now, you might love to watch my keynote speech from Gaia Women Lead, all about “Money Koans.” (It’s already been viewed over 10,000 times — wow, thank you!!)

If any of these conversations inspire a money breakthrough for you, let us know! Tag me on social media (@baritessler on Facebook, Insta, or Twitter or @TheArtofMoneybyBariTessler on Facebook) or reach out via email … my team and I would LOVE to celebrate with you!

Whatever season you’re in right now, in life and money, I hope it’s rich and wonderful.

In other exciting early-summer news: I’ve started recording the audiobook version of The Art of Money book! I’m spending a few hours a day in my makeshift home studio over the next few months and we hope to have it ready for release by early Fall. Eeeep! Stay tuned … !

With my dearest wishes,

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