Baking. Donating. Researching. Reading.

written by Bari Tessler April 30, 2020
Quarentine Activities - Baking donating researching

Dear Friends,

I wanted to do something a little different today. Here’s a little glimpse into my world, in a new format. These are a few things I am focusing on during this time. As always, I hope it supports you, offers some solid resources, and adds some playfulness too.

Baking: I’m not sure what’s happening to me but I’ve started baking late at night. I’ve always tended towards a night owl but I’ve had to temper that tendency because I have a family and I want to go to sleep with them and all that. But my natural impulse, or rather my natural state in certain phases, would be as a queen night owl. I have really surprised myself with this baking adventure and if you knew me personally you would be surprised too: chocolate chip - coconut cookies, chocolate molten cake in a mug, my husband’s favorite banana bread.

Donating: Giving is very important to me and my family. I typically keep my donations private. We can psycho-analyze this in another moment, but ultimately giving feels sacred and very personal to me and the receiver. Sometimes I share publicly when I want to invite others to join in but mostly I keep it within my family. This year, in addition to some Patreon donations to support women of color (which I won’t name), I have donated to Angela Raines, my co-writer/copywriter who is very sick with toxic mold illness and needs our support: Gofundme. Also these organizations feel deeply important to me right now: Native Food Alliance and Families at the Border: International Rescue Committee.

Researching: Most of my teaching and supporting happens inside my year-long Art of Money program. I also like to offer support or resources when folks in my community write into our website or ask me questions on social media. So in my free time I’m researching as much as I can to find the best resources. My favorite place to learn all about the financial impact of the pandemic is Smart Path, a group of Financial Coaches - they are really impressing me. They are offering free webinars on all topics: homeowners, rent, student loans, credit cards, stock market, government stimulus, and so on. And, I’m learning a lot about all of these topics. You can find additional support + resources from these blog posts or interviews I’ve done over the 7 weeks since we started lockdown: Navigating Student Loans During the Covid Crisis. Grief, Government Stimulus, Girlfriends and Giving. Some Extra Love and Money Support during the Pandemic.

Reading: I go through phases where I don’t read (for example during my program registration I can only watch tv shows). And, then I go through other phases where I devour books. I’m in the devouring phase again. My main genre is fiction and memoir. This is how I learn the most about human behavior, people who come from different backgrounds, and the best way I know how to put myself in someone else’s shoes. Also, I love storytelling, it’s simply my favorite way to learn. Check out two of my latest #bookstacks here and here. And this book, Writers and Lovers by Lily King. I’m taking a pause for a few days because I loved it so much. I’m not ready to move into the next story and want to keep soaking this one in.

And I couldn't help but add ONE more baking photo so you get the visual. 🙂 

Ok, everyone that’s a little glimpse into my world. If you like this format, let me know, I may just continue with this style for a little while.

Sending my love and support to you all during this time,

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