When Therapists Talk About Money and Mental Health

written by Bari Tessler June 1, 2021
When Therapists Talk About Money and Mental Health

Dear Money Adventurer,

As a Financial Therapist, I love talking about our relationship to money. I love how simple awareness and loving acknowledgment gently unshames money stories and empowers ripples of change that transform lives.

I especially love it when I have the chance to connect with other therapists to talk about money and mental health. It’s exciting to explore this intersection of financial literacy and emotional literacy, and how these tools can support mental health with colleagues who share my passion.

One of the more positive things to come out of the last year, for me, has been the opportunity to connect with more of my peers, building new relationships as we found ourselves spending more time online.

After our paths crossed on Instagram, I had the chance to join Dr. Kirleen Neely on her podcast, “Drop the BS with Dr. Kirleen.” That’s “Drop the BackStory…and live your best today story,” just in case you were wondering.

Dr. Kirleen and I dive deep into my own story, like how I came to be a Financial Therapist and begin the work that became The Art of Money program I’m honored to lead today. We also talk about how most money decisions are based on emotion, navigating challenging money moments, how I “found myself,” and even my long-cherished childhood dream to be a solid gold dancer when I grew up.

Yes, really.

It’s a little silly, and vulnerable, and completely authentic.

Grab your favorite cuppa and listen in here for the whole story – and check out other episodes of “Drop the BS” while you’re at it!

Dr. Kirleen is a wonderful host and truly gifted at bringing inspiration and practical tools to support you and your mental health.

I’m so excited to share this interview with you today. The more we speak honestly about emotions, mental health, and money, the more we break down taboos to unshame, heal, and honor our own unique journeys.

With much love,

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