What I Wish More Couples Knew About Facing Money Stress

written by Bari Tessler July 13, 2022
What I Wish More Couples Knew About Facing Money Stress

Dear Money Adventurer,

We live in a world that romanticizes wealth and abundance, but actually talking about financial needs and goals–actually talking about money–is hardly a romantic notion.

For many couples who otherwise share the same values and ideals, money is a polarizing subject, fraught with shame and blame.

Why is it so hard to get on the same page about finances when you align on everything else?

Because every single one of us carries our own money stories and emotions into our relationships, yet so few of us ever learned how to talk about money or how we feel about money.

So we fall in love, decide to build a life together, and wind up with two sets of money baggage and no tools, language, or shared understanding to help us unpack our feelings, beliefs, or expectations around money.

Money does not have to be a point of contention and conflict in your relationship.

Money can actually bring you and your sweetie closer together – if you let it.

Last month, I had the chance to talk about navigating love and money with two colleagues of mine, sex therapists Julie Jeske and Gina Senarigh. When they invited me on their podcast, Swoon, to talk about how to address money struggles in relationships, I was thrilled for the chance to bring some love and compassion to an often painful conversation.

There is no holding back in this interview as we delve into the muddy waters of emotions, communication, expectations, and even sex to help couples find more compassion and understanding for each other when it comes to money.

Tune in below for a frank, funny, and totally unfiltered conversation about love, money, and relationships, including:

  • The most important tool couples can bring to challenging money moments
  • How to bring more love and compassion to your money conversations
  • What I wish more couples knew about facing money stresses together
  • How to ditch the shame and get on the same team when it comes to money
  • Plus! Four steps to fun, loving, deeply transformative couple’s money dates

You can learn to honor each other’s money emotions, cultivate a deeper understanding of each other, and build a healthy, loving relationship with money as a couple.

So grab your sweetie, maybe even a glass of wine, and listen here for a loving dose of money wisdom for couples and the tools you need to put it to use.

I hope this interview helps you find your way to seeing each other more clearly, hearing each other with more compassion, and bringing more love to your money moments and each other.

With love and encouragement and my very best wishes,

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