{4 Bonus Money Memoirs!}
Plus: you can still join Art of Money.

written by Bari Tessler February 9, 2019

Something magical happens when we dare to get real and speak the truth about money. In this intimate conversation series, Money Memoirs, I chat with people from all walks of life about their money journeys: the good, the tough, the soulful, and the nitty-gritty. We share this beloved series every year to celebrate the opening of The Art of Money, which you can read all about here. Curl up with a cuppa as we pull back the curtain … and get ready to get inspired.

Dear Community,

Did you ever read those “choose-your-own adventure” books when you were a kid?

To run away from the goblin, turn to page 67. If you want to feed him a baguette and sing songs instead, turn to page 103.

Well, today I’m giving you 4 different adventures to choose from. Yes, yes: I’ve got 4 bonus Money Memoirs for you to listen to!

You see, my Money Memoirs series is all about listening to real people and their real money stories. So it’s important to me to give voice to many different socioeconomic backgrounds, lineages, lifestyles, and walks of life as possible.

But the truth is: every person under the sun has a unique money story! It depends on thousands of factors, from gender and sexual orientation to how wealthy your parents were when you were born to what your unique gifts and challenges are and on and on and on.

That’s why I’m proud to welcome into my Art of Money program folks from all different backgrounds. Some grew up poor, some middle class, some with family money or an inheritance … from all genders and orientations and ages and from dozens of countries around the globe.

And we are stronger together.

{Pssst … you can still join The Art of Money 2019!}

Here are 4 bonus Money Memoirs to “see yourself” in.

Note: you also might hear a story very different from your own — and let it open your heart and mind towards people who’ve had a very different money experience than you.

Choose your own money adventure and listen to …

Rebecca McLoughlin: Growing up in a wealthy family has its own set of challenges and pain points, and Rebecca articulates these so beautifully and openly. Plus, hear the stages of her money journey and how she relates to her “inner teenager,” especially when she shows up at the Apple Store (so helpful!).

Kate Swoboda: Kate’s a well-known, successful coach and entrepreneur, and in this no-holds-barred, incredibly intimate conversation, she gets SO real about growing up poor: the challenges and incredible gifts. She talks about her fire to fight, the personal Money Healing Ritual she concocted, and how her money work has shifted and evolved as she’s grown her business.

Berna Anat

Bernadette Anat: What about Millennials? And people with loads of debt? I urge you to listen to this hilarious and inspiring interview with Berna, a young woman who said “Bye Felicia!” to over $50K of debt using Google Docs — … and how this allowed her to travel around the world for the last year!

Maketa Born

Maketa Born: Are there men in The Art of Money? YES!!! My approach draws mostly to women, but roughly 20% of our community are men, and you are welcome here! For a beautiful example of what a man’s money healing journey can look like, please listen to Maketa open up about his journey with money as a son, a father, a husband, an entrepreneur, and more.

The Art of Money wholeheartedly welcomes people from all backgrounds and lineages.

No matter where you come from or where you find yourself along your money journey, there’s healing and practical support and mentorship for you here.

Pssst … we’re still welcoming folks into The Art of Money 2019!

Yes, the community opened on February 1st, but we haven’t had our first community call yet, and all the content is stored in our private Members’ Area. So there’s still time to get caught up.

Want some amazing support for the next step in YOUR money journey?

Join the Art of Money 2019.

Here’s to choosing our adventures! May they be good ones.

P.S. Yes! You can still join The Art of Money 2019. What can I say? I love giving you extra time to make a clear, grounded decision. But our first community call (with me!) is next week … so if you want in, now’s the time!

The Art of Money is an approach, a year-long program, and a global community to help you create a new, refreshingly honest, and meaningful relationship with money — on YOUR terms. We only start once a year, so if you’d like to work with me in 2019, now’s your chance.

Get warm, savvy support for your unique money journey right here.

My team and I LOVE helping people change their lives with this work. And we’d be honored to welcome you!

P.S. Want more Money Memoirs? Catch up on the entire 2019 series right here.

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