Money Memoirs: Maketa Born

written by Bari Tessler January 21, 2017


bt_logo_seal_01Most of us don’t talk about money, except with our closest friends. But we ALL have money stories. Tough times we survived. Triumphs and gifts. Practical wisdom and soul-deep insights. And when we share our money stories with one another, openly and lovingly? Well, magic happens. We un-shame. We spread confidence and peace of mind and a whole lotta love. Honesty is just the beginning … Please curl up with a cuppa and enjoy this special, intimate interview series: Money Memoirs.


Maketa is one of my favorite people — and I know you’ll see why, after listening to this Money Memoir with him.

Maketa and his wife had a money “wake-up call” a few years ago. (Or, as I like to call it, a “money initiation.”)

After what they thought was a prosperous year, they got their tax bill . (Dunh, dunh, dunh.) They had no idea they owed so much — and it wiped out their entire savings account, overnight.

Sometimes, our biggest “failures” … open the most joyful doors.

Maketa and his beautiful wife harnessed this hardship. They realized they needed to learn more about money. And it had to go deeper than numbers. All the way down into gender roles, their individual life stories, their definitions of success, and on and on.

Listen to what Maketa has learned about money, including:

  • What happened when his first business failed — and the huge nugget of wisdom he mined from it
  • How growing up in a middle class African American family impacted his Money Story … and reflects much larger contexts of race, privilege, and money
  • How he and his wife shifted from a financial “tug of war” marked by avoidance and shame … into a “tasty cocktail” of gratitude, full trust, and honesty
  • Maketa’s “wake-up moment” with money and how he started becoming more financially literate
  • What Maketa is teaching his 12-year-old daughter about money that his father couldn’t teach him.

I’m so honored to share Maketa’s important voice with you, my dear community. Enjoy!

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image03Maketa Born
Maketa (pronounced “Ma-kay-ta”) is an international organizational development consultant, facilitator, artist and educator. For over 12 years he has been leading individuals and groups toward their objectives and their highest potential. His passion for building intentional and engaged communities shines through his innovative and integrated approach. Learn more about Maketa on his website:


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