AOM Roadshow Ep. 6: If you knew what he knows about the Enneagram, your money life could change.

written by Bari Tessler January 19, 2015

Greetings from gorgeous Santa Cruz, everybody!

Up for you today: a fantastic interview with my “soul brother,” Ben Salzman, on using the Enneagram to shift your money relationship.

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Now, onto today’s Roadshow episode!!

Ben Saltzman Talks Enneagram, Money, and Shadow: A Deep Dive

So many of you in my dear community are fascinated (like I am!) with the Enneagram: a transformational personality system. In fact, more and more of my Art of Money students are raving to me about how studying the Enneagram is supporting their money work — and sparking shifts in their whole lives.

I positively adore the Enneagram for deep, inner work. And Ben Saltzman is one of the best teachers I know.

I call him my “soul brother,” because he’s warm and super down-to-earth … and we’re truly kindred spirits. Ben’s work applies the Enneagram to entrepreneurship and abundance, for top-level CEO’s and people struggling to make ends meet. AND, he’s one of our fave Guest Teachers in The Art of Money.

Watch this interview (on the beautiful beach in Santa Cruz!!) where Ben and I talk about:

  • Why working on Money + Enneagram together can catalyze huge shifts (they’re perfect dance partners)
  • Where to look in your Enneatype description to find gems to apply to your money work
  • The “How Good Can You Stand It” Principle: how to break through your money ceilings
  • How your parents’ personality types shape how you hold yourself back with money
  • Why “owning” the shadow side of your personality can pave the way to your next level of success and thriving.

This isn’t Enneagram 101, folks. This is a deeper dive into Enneagram + Money work than I’ve ever shared before. If you’re already working with this system, you’ll love this interview.

(And, don’t fret: even if you don’t know your type, you’ll get some real gems out of this interview.)

And If you want a big laugh, watch ‘till the end!

I didn’t know it, but sneaky Forest kept the camera rolling … while I did something hilarious. (Seriously. About 12 bizarre faces, in a row. Just watch it!)

Goodies for Going Deeper

Want more? Ready to dig in, dive deep, and work with your own money stuff? That’s why we’re including extra resources (practical + soulful) with every Art of Money Roadshow episode.

This episode pairs well with …

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