AOM Roadshow Ep. 5: How to work WITH your Body (not Against It!) to create real money change.

written by Bari Tessler January 16, 2015

Ooooh, do we have a great interview for you today!!

A couple of days ago, our Beast of an RV pulled into Dolores Park, in San Francisco.

(Yes, I’ve decided that’s her name. The Beast.)

I spread a picnic blanket and filmed an amazing interview with one of my dear colleagues (and a beloved Guest Teacher in The Art of Money 2015), Karin Robbins. Here’s why I’m so excited to share her work with you:

Have you ever sat down to work on money stuff, and just gotten so overwhelmed, you physically couldn’t keep at it?

Your heart pounds. Your vision narrows. You want to do this practice, but your body’s screaming: Get me outta here!

This is way  more common than you’d think, because money is intimately tied to survival, scarcity, and power. It doesn’t matter if your heart is willing and your head is smart — if your body says “no way, Jose,” you’re done.

But when you work with the body, instead of against it, you can gently make powerful shifts that stick.

I naturally incorporate a lot of body-based practices in my money work, thanks to my years of experience with Somatic Psychology. But there’s so much more …

My dear colleague, Karin Robbins, is a Somatic Experiencing Coach, and knows all about working with the body to make profound shifts in our lives. And she’s especially well-versed in applying this to money work, because she’s a TA and a featured Guest Teacher in my Art of Money program.

Watch my interview with Karin to discover:

:: Her favorite somatic practices for money work
:: Titration: the secret to making change (or starting practices) without overwhelming your nervous system
:: Ways to grow your capacity for handling emotions: the good, the bad, and everything in-between
:: How to cultivate a deeper sense of inner peace and safetyso essential for doing money work!

I love how calmly and beautifully Karin shares these ideas and practices. (Plus, you’ll get to see what a gorgeous day it was in San Francisco!)

This Art of Money Roadshow episode is a little long. Because we love to spoil you with tons of amazing content you can use and love. Think of it more like a podcast than a quickie video — it’s full of deep teachings to savor.

(And if video isn’t your thing, just download the audio to your phone or mp3 player, so you can listen on the go. Perfect!)

Audio-Only Version Here:

Goodies for Going Deeper

Want more? Ready to dig in, dive deep, and work with your own money stuff? That’s why we’re including extra resources (practical + soulful) with every Art of Money Roadshow episode.

This episode pairs well with …

The Body Check-In. This is my favorite somatic practice for deep money work. I refer to it again and again, because it’s simple, it’s profound, and it works. Experience it for yourself in this 8-minute guided meditation.

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Welcome to The Art of Money Roadshow: a wild and beautiful adventure!

This January, we’re driving an RV from Seattle to Santa Cruz and filming live(ish) episodes of a mini-teaching-travel-documentary. It’s starring dear friends and Guest Teachers from The Art of Money: my year-long money school. We’re breaking bread, sharing stories, and delivering deep teachings on money and life. It’s our unconventional way of loving up our community, sharing valuable content, and celebrating the opening of The Art of Money 2015: now open for a short time.

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