Cash flow, earning + entrepreneurship, oh my!

written by Bari Tessler January 27, 2013

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Golden Nugget #5:  Money Maps.
Cash flow, Earning, and Entrepreneurship.

We are finally venturing into the third and final phase of this work. We’ve peeked inside in the first phase, Money Healing, here and here. And we’ve dabbled in the second phase, Money Practices, here and here.

Today, let’s dip our toes into this third and final phase, Money Maps. In this phase, you’re invited to connect deeply with your path, your dreams, your goals, and your gifts. This final phase is about asking the big questions. With opened hearts and the tools to express them, we vision, review, adjust, experiment, intend, and vision some more. 

To help me give you a sweet taste of Money Maps, I’ve brought along two of my bright and shiny Guest Teachers in The Art of Money program.

Calling all creative entrepreneurs! Today’s nugget has lots of gold for you.

As entrepreneurs, we need to be attending to our money relationship. (the emotions, the psychology and all of the great practical systems and tools that are available to us). Doing our internal and external money work will help us step more fully into our gifts and into earning a great livelihood.  I have seen this over and over.  And, I would love to support you in taking significant steps here. 

However, know that you do not have to be an entrepreneur to join the Art of Money – While we will be exploring aspects of creative entrepreneurship — you’ll also be deeply supported in how to engage with your personal finances, couple finances, and family finances. 

Meet Nona & Ali.

In the first video I am interviewing Nona, and then in the second video the tables are turned and Ali’s interviewing me! These are two incredible women with vast experience to draw from. I decided to put them together because I love what they each offer, and how different they are.

Nona Jordan is an Accountant, Yogi, Money Coach and calls herself the Business Yogini.

Alexis (Ali) Neely is a Business Strategist, Coach, and Truth-Telling Lawyer

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