Money Mochas

I can still remember that muggy summer day when my father made me apply for half a dozen jobs. I was 16, and got so mad at him. Why should I get any ole job, just because you say so?? I still remember when he cut off my financial support during that summer I spent in Italy in college. I was so grateful for his generosity up ‘till that point — but he got upset with a travel decision I…

October 26, 2016
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Can I ask you a personal question? Would you like to earn more money? If you said YES, you’ve probably thought about this a fair amount, already. Maybe you’ve already bumped up your income, but still feel like you’re stuck under a “money ceiling.” Maybe you creep past that threshold … only to fall back down. So … why are you stuck? It’s NOT because you’re a bad person. It’s NOT because you’re lazy. It’s NOT because it’s impossible. 3…

October 23, 2016
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money in love

You get honest with your honey when it’s been your “turn” to do the dishes the last seven times. (You might even get playful and growl.) You tell her when you can’t stomach watching another rom com … and need to get some “cave time” with the fellas. (And she probably gives you a smooch and celebrates your honesty.)   If you and your honey can get honest about so much else … why do you get so stuck, when…

October 22, 2016
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