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Are You in a Transition? Is it Starting to Affect Your Finances?

Are you in a Transition? Is it starting to affect your finances? A transition is a passage from one form or state to another. Our lives are filled with transitions–some small, some large. Small ones happen on a daily basis as we move from one activity to the next or even from one state of mind to the next. Big ones are spoken of in more dramatic language: We may find ourselves at a crossroads, passing over a threshold, making…

November 25, 2019
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It's okay to not be everyone's cup of tea.

It’s okay to not be everyone’s cup of tea in business and life. Some days I’m told I have a great voice, very soothing and perfect for my work. Other days I’m told I sound like a child and have an annoying voice. Some days I’m told I’m motherly, dramatic and too compassionate as if that’s a bad thing. Other days I’m told I’m motherly, compassionate with a lean towards the dramatic as though that’s the best thing and they…

November 4, 2019
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Dear Community, I’ve cleaned off my desk. Adorned it with my palm-filling rose quartz (that opens my heart during all important calls). I have some high-quality dark chocolate at the ready, and I’ll light some candles. Deep breath. Shoulder shimmies. Excitement galore. Later today, in a handful of hours, we’ll gather for the very first live Kickstarter call for The Art of Money 2020. (Are you in?) In our live, 90-minute group call tonight, we will kick off our journey…

October 27, 2019
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