Art of Money Roadshow – Bari’s Travelouge


Our behind-the-scenes travelogue: Art of Money Roadshow. 

RV go pro (750) 

Our behind-the-scenes travelogue: Art of Money Roadshow.

We’re interviewing our Art of Money community (students and Guest Teachers)
from December 31st – January 16th, f
rom Seattle down to Santa Cruz in an RV.  

One RV. 

One mama bear – Bari Tessler Linden.

One papa bear – Forest Linden.

One six year old boy – Noah Tessler Linden.

One Grandma – Maggie Smith. 

Nine Interviews – with the Art of Money community. 

Seven Towns – Seattle. Portland. Arcata. Healdsburg. San Francisco. Oakland. Santa Cruz. 

Enjoy the wild ride…

December 31st. Fly to Seattle and pick up the RV. 

December 31st. Leave Denver for Seattle. Got up at 4:00 am to catch the airplane from Denver to Seattle.In this photo we just arrived at the RV campground. A bit tired but we are beginning our wild, wacky, beautiful and ambitious adventure!


December 31st. Seattle, Washington. RV Campground. Mama and noah just goofying around and getting slaphappy.


January 1st, Seattle-Washington


 January 1st, 2015. Carkeek Park. Seattle Washington.  Mama, Papa, Noah and Maggie (my dear mom-in-law.)



January 1st, 2015. Carkeek Park. Seattle, Washington. Old man and the sea. Seaweed beard.



Jan 1, 2015. Carkeek Park, Seattle, WA. This is the moment that Noah touched the ocean for the first time in his life. He’s been looking forward to it for months and months. And he understood that since all the oceans in the world are connected, that he was touching all the oceans at once!



This is the reaction he had after he touched all the oceans in the world at once!



January 1st, we start filming…at Zoka’s Cafe in Seattle Washington.

Check out Episode One of the Roadshow right here!

January 2nd, Seattle 


January 2nd, Seattle, Washington RV Campground. We have hit a curve ball on our RV adventure. Can’t de-winterize the RV yet until we get in warmer weather in Portland. So no running water in the RV! Yikes. Luckily our Seattle RV campground has very clean bathrooms. I surely will not be showering daily. But I’m trying to be a little styley for our interviews and today the Art of Money community interviews start. Blessings in the little things.



January 2nd. Seattle, Washington. Began filming today with one of my favorite couples in the Art of Money community (Maketa Born and Jessie Rey.) They are incredibly soul-hearted. I love them so. It was wonderful to spend time with them. Plus our boy got to hang out with their daughter. So excited to share them with you. Our Art of Money Roadshow interviews will start going live soon…the behind the scenes editing is already happening.


January 2nd. Seattle, Washington

Kicked off filming our interviews today with one of my favorite couples, Maketa Born and Jessie Rey, from our dear Art of Money community. They are incredibly soul-hearted, and I love them so. It was wonderful to spend time with them in their home. A coyote greeted us in their yard, when we arrived. And our boy got to hang out with their daughter. So excited to share them with you!

Check out this episode right here!

January 3rd. on the road to Portland, Oregon


46 and Fabulous. (No shower, no makeup, RV photo). Sending birthday blessings from the road as we head to one of our favorite towns, Portland, Oregon. Why not do an ambitious family + work RV trip as I turn 46?! Why the hell not?  xoxoxoxoxoxo

We arrived at the Portland, Oregon RV Campground. Woohoo.We made it to our Portland RV Campground. Oh, how I have a LOVE AFFAIR with Portland. The trees, the smell, the moisture…I swoon. Plus, our RV has been de-winterized, so we have running water!! The Art of Money Roadshow first episode is being finished now. Bless my husband, Forest Linden. And, hopefully we’ll get it out before my birthday dinner at Andina! Portland, we LOVE you. We are here.

January 3rd. Portland, Oregon.
Snuggling with my boy at a wonderful Peruvian restaurant in Portland, Andina. What a beautiful birthday celebration.

January 3rd, Portland, Oregon.


I love cocktail rings. And I love big rocks, minerals, and gemstones. This is becoming my favorite kind of jewelry. I love this pyrite ring that Forest got me for my birthday. Here’s an oh-so-apt description I found (which is perfect for our wild Roadshow):

“Pyrite is often called ‘Fool’s Gold,’ though there is nothing foolish about this mineral. Within its gleaming beauty is a stone of hidden fire, one that can be sparked to life by striking it against metal or stone. An Earth element, it also resonates with Fire energy, symbolizing the warmth and lasting presence of the sun and the ability to generate wealth by one’s own power. It is masculine in nature, a stone of action, vitality and will, and taps into one’s abilities and potential, stimulating the flow of ideas. It brings confidence and the persistence to carry things through to completion.

As a talisman, Pyrite is a unique protector, drawing energy from the Earth through the physical body and into the aura creating a defensive shield against negative energies, environmental pollutants, emotional attack and physical harm. It also supports one with a spirit of boldness and assertive action when protecting others, the planet, or in standing up for important issues of community. It stimulates the Second and Third Chakras, enhancing willpower and the ability to see behind facades to what is real”.

January 4th, Portland Oregon.


Breaking bread…with another wonderful family. Mark Silver + Holly Glaser. They run Heart of Business. We run The Art of Money. It’s a match made in entrepreneurial heaven. (Our Noah didn’t want to be in the photo …  until he saw the photo later and then wanted us to add him) 🙂

January 4th Portland, Oregon


Happy as a clam, plugged in and working at a wonderful Portland cafe, Barista.
Ooh, and they had dark, dark chocolate mochas, my favorite.

January 4th, Portland, Oregon


I forget how little he is sometimes … the RV looks huge compared to him.

January 4th, Portland Oregon.


Just had a date with my husband in the RV park! We hiked up and down the steep driveway, huffed and puffed and reflected on our journey so far. It was good connecting. Dates with the hubby are important when on a family + work adventure! Plus Husband + Wife business teams rock!

January 4th, Portland, Oregon


Little dude in the RV. He fell once from up there…and it won’t happen again.
Lesson learned! (A friend called it, an RV rite of passage!)

January 4th, Portland, Oregon


Oh, this gorgeous child of mine. He’s doing his nightly journal entry for school. RV living and adventuring and mama-love.

January 5th, Portland, Oregon


Ah, my RV crew (Noah, Forest and Mimi-grandma) are on an aerial tram overlooking Portland so Noah can have some fun adventures too. And, I am savoring some solitude in the RV before I need to shower and get ready for our next interview + breaking bread love feast with another dear couple in the Art of Money community. Grateful for some quiet + reflecting work time here…and the Portland moisture, oh the Portland moisture!

January 5th, Portland, Oregon


Off to interview more dear students in the Art of Money community. Yay for being in Portland, Oregon! Yay for Art of Money Roadshow! Yay for matching red with my husband. Yay for rental cars at each location.

January 5th, Portland, Oregon


Sneak Peek….of another dear interview with Catharine and Julie of Portland. Coming soon…

Check out this episode here!

January 6th. Portland, Oregon.


More Art of Money community love. This interview/sharing is with Terry Jordan surrounded by redwoods at Laurel Hearst Park.In Portland, Oregon. We talked about parenting + money lessons + couples money work, different money styles and changing our money lineage. It’s simply incredible to hug my community live.

Check out this episode right here!


After my interview with Terry Jordan. She gave us all this gorgeous green smoothie and we all toasted to this delicious drink, to connecting live and to the gorgeous redwoods of Portland, Oregon. p.s. Sue Ann Gleason, it’s your recipe! We want it! It converted me as I’m not a big juice-smoothie girl.


The Art of Money Roadshow family at Laurel Hearst Park Portland, Oregon. This is a park we visit every time we come. I love these trees…And, it was Noah’s first time hugging the redwoods.


Terry Jordan, who we interviewed earlier in the day, came to our RV campground and gave all of us massages. Seriously?! It was incredible, very special and so generous + loving of her.

January 7th. Leaving Portland.


Morning jumping jacks and some yoga in front of the RV. Don’t ask me about the outfit?! Needed some roadtrip exercise!


The Art of Money Roadshow and RV Road Tripping is AWESOME! Says…Noah Tessler Linden 


This, my friends, is one of the biggest rockstars I know and love. He’s producing the entire Art of Money Roadshow. The video, the tech, the editing crafting the content as we go helping oversee our team (working behind the scenes) driving the beast of the RV on the road making sure we are all safe and sound and so much more that I could spend days listing out. He is simply overseeing everything on our RV journey. My husband, my love, my business partner, papa…You Rock our world. Thank you Forest Linden. We are all incredibly grateful for you.

January 7th. Arriving at the ocean in California.


Made it to California. And to the ocean. Our child is in heaven and already collecting treasures.

January 8th. Arcata, California


The sweetest home cooked meal from my husbands friend on a quick breakfast stop in Arcata. (They have known each other for 18 years ago). Eggs are from his chickens in the backyard. Chai tea. Porridge with fresh blackberries.


Redwoods. Got to spend some time with my big tree friends.  Happy. Content. Grateful. In California. Heading down 101.


January, 9th, Windsor, California

interviewing christopher (550)

Interviewing Christopher Peck (financial planner) for our Art of Money Roadshow. Excited to share this interview!!!
In Healdsburg, California. p.s. His book the Resilient Investor is coming out on January 15th! woohooo….

Check out this episode right here.


noah on swing (550)

In Healdsburg, California. At Christopher Peck’s house (he’s a financial planner). I’m interviewing him and our boy is in heaven on his land.


selfie with toren (550)

Baby selfie with Toren. This is Genevieve Taylor and Christopher Peck’s gorgeous child. In Healdsburg, Cali on their homestead.


January 10th, Sebastopol-California

sebastopol cabin (550)

This tiny cabin in Sebastopol, California is where Art of Money all began. It was called Conscious Bookkeeping back then. And the entire methodology was visioned in these woods and in this cabin where Forest and I first lived. We lived here in 2001-2002.

RV camp fire (550)

RV Campground fire. So good for deep reflection and rest time. 


selfie. rv midepoint (550)

Mid point Selfie in the RV Campground. As my friend, Christopher Peck said “this adventure is a healthy stretch”. 


RV in redwoods (550)

Happy RV in the redwoods.


January 11th, Dolores Park- San Francisco, California

Interviewing Karin Robbins (550)

The day was perfect. Sunny and warm. I was remembering why we lived in Cali for 6 years! We filmed another interview. In Dolores Park, San Francisco. With Karin Robbins, who is T. A. (teaching assistant) in the Art of Money. + a new Guest Teacher for 2015. We talk about somatic tools + practices to use with money and life.  Looking forward to sharing this interview with you later this week.

Check out this episode right here!

SF slide (550)

This is how we kept noah happy during the interview. Delores Park has an incredible new kids play area!

me + elizabeth + karin (550) 

Meeting with more of the Art of Money community in Delores Park, San Francisco. Big love and hugs for these ladies + the most precious baby girl. With Elizabeth Walker (who has been in our community for almost 10 years + owns Pilates Heights in S.F.) And, Karin Robbins, one of our beloved TA’s for the Art of Money. 

me + Avalon (550)

It was so good to connect with this little girl. This is Elizabeth Walker’s daughter, Avalon. 
I had an immediate love and connection with her. 

we lover you SF (550)

San Francisco. We love you. 


noah tongue ocean (550)

Do ya think he’s a water boy?!

forest fixing the rv toilet (550)

My rockstar husband just took a break from video editing and now he is fixing a leak in the RV toilet!
Serious rockstar…

January 12th, San Francisco, California

interview with rebecca (550)
This is happening now in San Francisco.  I’m interviewing Rebecca Lewis McLoughlin, my dear friend + colleague. She has been part of The Art of Money community for a few years now. Looking forward to sharing this!! So much love for this woman.

Check out this episode right here!

auntie rebecca (550)

Dinner and massage with Auntie Rebecca. Noah’s a lucky boy. 


January 13th. Oakland, California

filming with ursula (550)

Interviewed this beautiful family today. Ursula and Bruno Ferreira. For the Art of Money Roadshow. So grateful for hugs and real sharing. They shared their journey of doing Art of Money with a toddler! In Oakland, California.

me, laurie, andrea 1 (550)

Love. Love. Love.  Just got scooped up by these two! (Laurie Wagner and Andrea Scher). And so nurtured by Laurie and her home. Over Thai food, wine, chocolate and soulful conversation.  SO grateful for this pit stop… during our Art of Money Roadshow. We’re on the tail end of our journey. And this was so perfect. In Alameda, California.


January 14th, Santa Cruz, California

first arriving at SC beach (550)

Just arrived in Santa Cruz and went straight to the beach!.

Ben and Bari (550) 

Loved this interview. For the Art of Money Roadshow. In Santa Cruz. With Ben Saltzman (the King of the Enneagram).  We talk about the Enneagram + Money. And, we finally get to meet live and hug for the first time after many years of knowing each other + interviewing each other online. Big love my for my soul-brother Ben.

Check out this episode right here.

B&F celebrating kiss (550)

And that’s a wrap folks. We did our final interview today for The Art of Money Roadshow on the beach in Santa Cruz, California. It was sunny and hot today and just perfect. We’re celebrating our big adventure.  And, tomorrow we are going to just sit still,  do absolutely nothing and watch the waves….

17 days from Seattle, to Portland, to Arcata,
to Healdsburg, to San Francisco, Oakland…
and now wrapping up in Santa Cruz.
(in an RV…mostly!)

9 interviews with the Art of Money community.
1 six year old.
1 grandma.
1 papa bear.
1 mama bear.

p.s. we’ll be sharing more interviews from our journey
over the next few weeks.

sunset extended santa cruz  (550)

After a long negotiation behind the scenes, we decided to change our flights home and stay + relax on the beach over the weekend. 

I went to sleep
with my hand on my heart
deeply happy, satisfied and grateful
that we extended our stay in Santa Cruz for a few more days.
My husband said I was a “freight train” in my negotiations
with him and with Cheap Tickets.
I was able to work out 1/2 the price of what the airlines were telling me.
(there’s quite a good money-decision-making story there with Forest!)
I would say I hit one of my moments,
where I pulled out the the strong, clear, woman with lots of chutzpa card…
and it worked!
(I only pull that card out in key life moments!)
And I was able to work out staying in the same hotel room
which overlooks the ocean.
It’s really beautiful here.
I simply was so clear that I wanted to stay a few more days
to rest and relax with my family after our big RV Roadshow adventures.
Every ounce of my heart and soul was speaking to me.
And, it turns out I’m way more of a hotel gal than a RV gal.
Who would have thought?!


To be continued….


P.S. I am really blown away by all of the invitations that we are receiving while on our RV Art of Money Roadshow!

Someone offered to take me for coffee anywhere I wanted in Seattle.

Folks have offered us meals in their home. Play dates with their kids and farms to park our RV. Someone offered me a facial at her fabulous spa. We’ve been offered to go out kayaking with whales. I’ve been offered some Authentic Movement witnessing.

Plus so much more…

Most of these invitations I’ve had to turn down. Because most of this 17 day trip (from Seattle to Santa Cruz) was planned out in gorgeous detail. 9 interviews along the way with our Art of Money community. Plus all of the behind the scenes editing + content creation.

+ Our registration for Art of Money 2015 is open now.
Come join us.

+ just living in an RV…
has turned out way more ambitious than we had imagined.

We are already keeping a list of all of this generosity for future family adventures. It’s been beautiful and generous and slightly awe-inspiring-overwhelming to navigate all of these gorgeous invitations. We’re already visioning another journey…in a bigger RV, with a 2nd RV
that includes a chef, film crew and masseuse! (Here’s to visioning!)

And, it would be a much slower journey, maybe in the summer…with a lot more space in between for exercise + more connection with our larger community.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the incredible invitations. We are truly blown away.

Now have you been watching the Art of Money Roadshow videos?!

Please do enjoy. And, share with your community.

Blessings and Appreciation.
Bari, Forest, Noah and Maggie (Forest’s mama)

And the behind the scenes crew:
Angela Raines, Sharron Mendel Swain,
Jessica Reagan Salzman and Karin Robbins


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