AOM Roadshow – Ep 3, Part 2. Julie + Catharine and
the power of money dates.

written by Bari Tessler January 11, 2015

Today, our Roadshow RV pulled up in one of my favorite cities — Portland, Oregon — where we sat down with a dear couple from our Art of Money community: Julie and Catharine Buck Clarenbach.

Catharine is a Spiritual Director and six months into building her brand-new online business, and Julie offers tech setup for online businesses (in addition to her day job). These two are deeply soulful, entrepreneurial, kind-hearted and smart.

… And like so many folks in my community, Julie and Catharine came to The Art of Money work able to talk about everything under the sun …  except money. Now, a year later, they’ve forged a deeper relationship than ever before — with money and each other.

Here, Julie and Catharine share some beautiful examples of the kind of work my Art of Moneyers do with money.

And even though we cover a ton of territory in this interview, we only scratch the surface of all these two have worked through and accomplished with money in the past year.

Watch our lively interview and see:

  • What their two “money styles” are (very different!) … and how they’re working with them
  • Which practices from The Art of Money have been most helpful to them — in money and in life
  • How they’re now making money negotiations and decisions together
  • How their money work is affecting their entire relationship dynamic
  • Why a hot-pink Michael Kors handbag represents Catharine’s “growing edge” with money.

As you’ll see in the video, we’re hanging out with their sweet doggie, munching gluten-free goodies on the impossibly-hip Alberta Avenue. Enjoy, everyone!

Goodies for Going Deeper

Simply hearing people share their experiences with money is incredibly healing for many of us. But some of you want more, so you can dig in, dive deep, and work with your own money stuff. That’s why we’re including extra resources (practical + soulful) with every Art of Money Roadshow episode.

This episode pairs well with …

Welcome to The Art of Money Roadshow: a wild and beautiful adventure!

This January, we’re driving an RV from Seattle to Santa Cruz and filming live(ish) episodes of a mini-teaching-travel-documentary. It’s starring dear friends and Guest Teachers from The Art of Money: my year-long money school. We’re breaking bread, sharing stories, and delivering deep teachings on money and life. It’s our unconventional way of loving up our community, sharing valuable content, and celebrating the opening of The Art of Money 2015: now open for a short time.

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