Art of Money Roadshow



Welcome to our wild and beautiful adventure!

A mini-teaching-travel-documentary about life, love, and money.

Look. I lovelovelove teaching online. I get to connect with students, Guest Teachers, and community members from all over the world.

But you just can’t hug people on Facebook.

So this January, my little family and I are on a mission to visit and break bread with some of our favorite Art of Money Guest Teachers and dear community members. We’re on a crazypants-fun-road-trip-adventure, driving a BEAST of an RV from Seattle to Santa Cruz … and sharing the whole journey with you!

17 days.

8 cities, from Seattle to Portland to San Francisco to Santa Cruz.

Dozens of amazing interviews and mini money-teaching-moments.

Hugs and stories and insights, galore.

Shared live(ish!) with you, throughout the month of January.

Because magic happens when we get together, sip mochas, and get real about money.

Because we want you to enjoy a super-fun, ultra-useful series of teaching content to help you shift your relationship to money, starting today.

And because we want to give you a delicious taste of the Art of Money experience, straight from our dear community members and expert Guest Teachers.

Watch the videos below … and catch new episodes every few days throughout January.

This roadshow is a unique + unconventional way for us to celebrate the opening of The Art of Money 2015: my beloved, year-long money school. We only open for registration once a year, and that time is now … for a limited time.

Please come along for the ride. It’ll be a wild + beautiful adventure…


Episode One – We don’t know what’s about to happen.

Join Bari and the whole crew in this first episode of the Art of Money Roadshow. You’ll see the story of how we got where we are on the road right now, why we’re doing this crazy adventure, and what you’ll get out of this in the coming weeks (and it’s all for free!)

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Episode 2 – Soul-hearted Art of Money Veterans

Here it is, everyone!! Our very first, unscripted-and-from-the-road video interview!!

In case you missed the news: for the next few weeks, my little family and I are on the road, filming The Art of Money Roadshow: a mini-travelogue about life, love, and money.

We’re driving an RV from Seattle to Santa Cruz, breaking bread with some of our beautiful community members, and chatting about what’s working in their money relationship. And, most importantly: we’re sharing all the unscripted video interviews with you!

It’s already been such an adventure! Beautiful scenery, continuous curveballs, and the best hugs.

I’m so excited for you to watch our very first on-the-road interview, with Maketa and Jessie Rey.

These two are truly living and breathing The Art of Money work. They’re soul-hearted folks, and I know you’ll love hearing their story.

Curl up with your sweetie or a cuppa, and watch this fabulous interview, where we discuss …
:: Why they chose to go deep with the Art of Money work … instead of hiring an accountant to “fix” their finances for them
:: How their relationship to money (and to each other) has shifted in the past year (this is HUGE!)
:: Why their “money dates” used to be all blame and shame … and how they transformed them
:: How they finally brought their intuition and smarts to money — the one area of their lives they’d never brought it to, before
:: Their top two tools from The Art of Money they’re now sharing with everyone (including their parents!).

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Episode 3 – How the Art of Money changed one woman’s life.

For our first stop in Portland, we drove our RV to Laurelhurst Park (one of my absolute favorite places!) and sat down to chat with our dear friend, Terry Jordan.

Terry is a true healer: a massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, and amazing storyteller.

And, she’s about to begin her third year doing the Art of Money work.

How amazing is that?? Yes, she’s one of the many dear folks in my community who recognize that this “conscious money stuff” is a lifelong practice. One that grows and evolves and deepens, right along with us.

This is more than an interview. It’s alllllmost a mini mentoring session.

Watch this sweet and outdoorsy interview to learn:

  • Why her money work made Terry doubt her parenting … and ultimately celebrate it
  • What Terry’s lineage taught her about money — and how she’s doing things differently
  • The two different money styles Terry and her husband have — and how they’re navigating this dynamic
  • How Terry has shifted her needs, wants, and desires through working with money
  • The 3 different “flavors” of money work Terry has done over the past 3 years.

After our interview, Terry poured us all green smoothies, toasted us … and even whipped out her massage table to give us healing treatments in our RV! She’s such a gem … and I hope you’ll love getting to know her and her money work. Enjoy, everybody!

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Episode 3, Part 2 – How a hot pink hand bag became a symbol of money growth.

Today, our Roadshow RV pulled up in one of my favorite cities — Portland, Oregon — where we sat down with a dear couple from our Art of Money community: Julie and Catharine Buck Clarenbach.

Catharine is a Spiritual Director and six months into building her brand-new online business, and Julie offers tech setup for online businesses (in addition to her day job). These two are deeply soulful, entrepreneurial, kind-hearted and smart.

… And like so many folks in my community, Julie and Catharine came to The Art of Money work able to talk about everything under the sun …  except money. Now, a year later, they’ve forged a deeper relationship than ever before — with money and each other.

Here, Julie and Catharine share some beautiful examples of the kind of work my Art of Moneyers do with money.

And even though we cover a ton of territory in this interview, we only scratch the surface of all these two have worked through and accomplished with money in the past year.

Watch our lively interview and see:

  • What their two “money styles” are (very different!) … and how they’re working with them
  • Which practices from The Art of Money have been most helpful to them — in money and in life
  • How they’re now making money negotiations and decisions together
  • How their money work is affecting their entire relationship dynamic
  • Why a hot-pink Michael Kors handbag represents Catharine’s “growing edge” with money.

As you’ll see in the video, we’re hanging out with their sweet doggie, munching gluten-free goodies on the impossibly-hip Alberta Avenue. Enjoy, everyone!

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Episode 4 – Finally. A new way to invest for your future.

Greetings from sunny California, everyone!

Our incredible Art of Money Roadshow adventure is continuing, with a new twist for you today — that I think you’ll love.

Until now, our Roadshow episodes have featured some of our dear Art of Money students and community members. They’ve bared their souls and shared their stories about working with money — and we love them for it.

But today, we’re shifting gears into deeper teachings.

Starting today, our Roadshow episodes will feature more ready-for-you-to-love practices + perspectives. Juicy tidbits from expert Guest Teachers. Deeper teachings and practical wisdom from us, for you — so you can start shifting your relationship with money, right now.

And we’re kicking these teachings off with a bang, with today’s brand-new episode:

Art of Money Roadshow Episode #4: Finally. A new way to invest for your future, with Christopher Peck, our favorite holistic investor.

We lovelovelove Christopher Peck in the Art of Money community. He’s a financial planner, an incredibly smart man, funny as all get-out … and he’s got a completely different way of thinking about investing.

Kick back and watch this incredible interview, including:

:: A wider, more holistic definition of investing
:: Why you’re already an investor, now — even if you don’t know it
:: Why “traditional retirement” is now a myth — and how to create “mini-retirements” at any age
:: Why having an “entrepreneurial mindset” is essential for safeguarding your future.
:: 4 simple steps to start investing in your future right now — without putting a dime into a 401K.

This rich interview is chock-full of fresh perspectives you can put into use, right now. In fact, Forest says it’s one of the best interviews we’ve ever done!

We couldn’t help ourselves … this is a long interview. So we’re including a handy audio download link, so you can pop it onto your phone or mp3 player, and listen in the car, while you wash dishes, or on the treadmill.

This is just one example of how we do business differently.

You see, “marketing gurus” tell us we should never share a video over 10 minutes with you. But delivering incredible amounts of valuable content is what matters most, to us. We’ll never sacrifice value or depth to fit some “formula” or cater to what “they” think your attention span is.

We just want to love you up with the very best content we can possibly deliver — and we’re happy to break some rules along the way. We hope you’re OK with that!!

Enjoy, everyone!!

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Episode 5 – How to work WITH your Body

(not Against It!) to create real money change.

Ooooh, do we have a great interview for you today!!

A couple of days ago, our Beast of an RV pulled into Dolores Park, in San Francisco.

(Yes, I’ve decided that’s her name. The Beast.)

I spread a picnic blanket and filmed an amazing interview with one of my dear colleagues (and a beloved Guest Teacher in The Art of Money 2015), Karin Robbins. Here’s why I’m so excited to share her work with you:

Have you ever sat down to work on money stuff, and just gotten so overwhelmed, you physically couldn’t keep at it?

Your heart pounds. Your vision narrows. You want to do this practice, but your body’s screaming: Get me outta here!

This is way  more common than you’d think, because money is intimately tied to survival, scarcity, and power. It doesn’t matter if your heart is willing and your head is smart — if your body says “no way, Jose,” you’re done.

But when you work with the body, instead of against it, you can gently make powerful shifts that stick.

I naturally incorporate a lot of body-based practices in my money work, thanks to my years of experience with Somatic Psychology. But there’s so much more …

My dear colleague, Karin Robbins, is a Somatic Experiencing Coach, and knows all about working with the body to make profound shifts in our lives. And she’s especially well-versed in applying this to money work, because she’s a TA and a featured Guest Teacher in my Art of Money program.

Watch my interview with Karin to discover:

:: Her favorite somatic practices for money work
:: Titration: the secret to making change (or starting practices) without overwhelming your nervous system
:: Ways to grow your capacity for handling emotions: the good, the bad, and everything in-between
:: How to cultivate a deeper sense of inner peace and safetyso essential for doing money work!

I love how calmly and beautifully Karin shares these ideas and practices. (Plus, you’ll get to see what a gorgeous day it was in San Francisco!)

This Art of Money Roadshow episode is a little long. Because we love to spoil you with tons of amazing content you can use and love. Think of it more like a podcast than a quickie video — it’s full of deep teachings to savor.

(And if video isn’t your thing, just download the audio to your phone or mp3 player, so you can listen on the go. Perfect!)

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Episode 6 – If you knew what he knows about the Enneagram, your money life could change.

Greetings from gorgeous Santa Cruz, everybody!

Up for you today: a fantastic interview with my “soul brother,” Ben Saltzman, on using the Enneagram to shift your money relationship.

But first, a loving reminder: On February 1st (a little less than two weeks away!), my year-long money school, The Art of Money 2015, begins. In the last two years, The Art of Money has drawn an incredible group of conscious money explorers, from all over the world.

The Art of Money program only begins once a year. If you’d love to shift your relationship with money in 2015 — gently, profoundly, sustainably — I’d be honored to guide and support you.

Now, onto today’s Roadshow episode!!

Ben Saltzman Talks Enneagram, Money, and Shadow: A Deep Dive

So many of you in my dear community are fascinated (like I am!) with the Enneagram: a transformational personality system. In fact, more and more of my Art of Money students are raving to me about how studying the Enneagram is supporting their money work — and sparking shifts in their whole lives.

I positively adore the Enneagram for deep, inner work. And Ben Saltzman is one of the best teachers I know.

I call him my “soul brother,” because he’s warm and super down-to-earth … and we’re truly kindred spirits. Ben’s work applies the Enneagram to entrepreneurship and abundance, for top-level CEO’s and people struggling to make ends meet. AND, he’s one of our fave Guest Teachers in The Art of Money.

Watch this interview (on the beautiful beach in Santa Cruz!!) where Ben and I talk about:

:: Why working on Money + Enneagram together can catalyze huge shifts (they’re perfect dance partners)
:: Where to look in your Enneatype description to find gems to apply to your money work
:: The “How Good Can You Stand It” Principle: how to break through your money ceilings
:: How your parents’ personality types shape how you hold yourself back with money
:: Why “owning” the shadow side of your personality can pave the way to your next level of success and thriving.

This isn’t Enneagram 101, folks. This is a deeper dive into Enneagram + Money work than I’ve ever shared before. If you’re already working with this system, you’ll love this interview.

(And, don’t fret: even if you don’t know your type, you’ll get some real gems out of this interview.)

If you want a big laugh, watch ‘till the end!

I didn’t know it, but sneaky Forest kept the camera rolling … while I did something hilarious. (Seriously. About 12 bizarre faces, in a row. Just watch it!)

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Episode 7 – She spoke the truth about growing up wealthy. Hint: it’s not as easy as you think.

I’d like to introduce you to one of my dearest friends — and today’s Roadshow interviewee! — Rebecca Lewis McLoughlin.

In today’s episode, Rebecca shares the raw truth about her experience growing up in a wealthy family.

Mind you: “growing up with wealth” can mean a huge spectrum of things. Some people never need to work to support themselves; others have to battle to access a trust fund; some receive one significant sum of money early in their lives; others are promised an inheritance that never arrives.

There’s a huge range of wealth in the world (and in our Art of Money community). And being born into a wealthy family doesn’t mean you won’t have “money issues” to face.

There’s always a “both/and.” Having a trust fund and struggling to find meaning when you don’t necessarily need to work. Feeling grateful and, perhaps, feeling unsure of your worth. Luxury and shame, generosity and alienation. Beautiful stuff and, at times, deeply challenging stuff.

And, if you were raised in a family who struggled to make ends meet, you may find yourself “triggered” by those who were born into wealthy families. “What do they have to complain about, anyway??”

No matter where you are on the spectrum of wealth, you can do incredible money work. Move from hopelessness to hope. We have seen it over and over again. And Rebecca is a beautiful example of what it looks like from the other side.

Today, Rebecca’s pulling back the curtain and sharing her personal story. She’s done a ton of work, so it’s articulate, aware … and unbelievably honest and brave.

Sit back and watch this intimate interview, in which Rebecca gets real about:

  • What it was really like, for her, growing up in a wealthy family
  • The specific issues and “money pain” she had to work through
  • The stages of her money journey, and how she’s shifted her relationship and systems through major life transitions
  • What happened when her “inner teenager” showed up at the Apple store (!!) — and how she dealt with the money decision AND the tantrum.

Click here to watch or listen to this episode.



Episode 8 – How to Turn your Money Life Into a Work of Art: My Top 6 Favorite Tools and Practices

One week from today, something big is happening.

Hundreds of people are gathering for it. From 14 countries (and counting!). Some have done it before. Others are brand-new to it. They’ve told me they’re excited, nervous, thrilled, not-sure-they’re-really-ready, and oh-so-sure-they’re ready.

What is it??

In 7 short days (on Feb. 1st), The Art of Money 2015 begins!

This is my beloved, year-long money school. For individuals, couples, and creative entrepreneurs. For folks brand-new to my work AND veteran students. It’s my complete methodology, lovingly poured into a year-long framework. With mentoring from me, fantastic Guest Teachers, oodles of community support, and all the love and resources and shoulder shimmies you can handle. All at an affordable monthly price.

If you’d love to bring more honesty, smarts, and compassion to your relationship with money in 2015, my team and I would love to support you.

Curious? Have a read our beautiful program page (and look at the fabulous Guest Teacher lineup!) right here.

Meanwhile … I know many of you have questions about me, my work, and the Art of Money program.

I love your questions!! You, my dear community, are such a thoughtful and creative bunch. So I thought I’d share my answers in the most thoughtful, creative way I know how …

An Introduction to the Art of Money Method 

This video’s overflowing with real tools and practices you can use to start shifting your relationship with money, today. And you’ll get to see me in my teaching zone: funny, quirky, smart, playful, and passionate! You’ll see me talk about:

  • A beginner’s-friendly overview of the entire, 3-phase The Art of Money methodology
  • How-to’s for my 6 favorite money tools + practices that you can start using immediately
  • My story, and how my student loan bill led me to falling in love with money practices (shocker, I know!)
  • The 7 “money areas” that lead people to this work — and why there’s hope for each one
  • My favorite mini-practices for claiming your value, and why “charge what you’re worth” is bullshit
  • How you can apply lessons from yoga, hiking, or meditation to your money practices
  • How to completely redefine budgeting, so it fits YOUR life and values, right now.
  • How to start talking to your honey about money, when you can talk about anything EXCEPT that
    How to take yourself on a “money date” — and why chocolate is key.

This video has so much incredible, helpful content, everybody. I hope you love it as much as I loved making it for you!

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Episode 9 – A video montage round up!

It’s been a wild, beautiful journey over the month of January!

Our Art of Money 2015 program has now begun and we’re in the lovely process of welcoming about 400 new members into the community from 20 different countries around the world. Such amazing and beautiful people!

Here’s a quick little video montage of our journey in January, to visit and spend time with past members of our program and guest teachers as well.

You can find all the episodes of the Art of Money Roadshow right here.

A big HUGE THANK YOU to all the wonderful people we met and hugged along the journey! Love you all so much!!

Click here to watch this episode.



Bari’s Photo Travelogue

Along the way, Bari and Forest are documenting behind-the-scenes moments of the trip with their cameras. Take a sneak peak at life on the road and read what Bari is sharing about the journey on social media.

Click here to see Bari’s Photo Travelogue