AOM Roadshow Ep. 4: Finally. A new way to invest for your future.

written by Bari Tessler January 12, 2015

Greetings from sunny California, everyone!

Our incredible Art of Money Roadshow adventure is continuing, with a new twist for you today — that I think you’ll love.

Until now, our Roadshow episodes have featured some of our dear Art of Money students and community members. They’ve bared their souls and shared their stories about working with money — and we love them for it.

But today, we’re shifting gears into deeper teachings.

Starting today, our Roadshow episodes will feature more ready-for-you-to-love practices + perspectives. Juicy tidbits from expert Guest Teachers. Deeper teachings and practical wisdom from us, for you — so you can start shifting your relationship with money, right now.

And we’re kicking these teachings off with a bang, with today’s brand-new episode:

Art of Money Roadshow Episode #4: Christopher Peck on Holistic Investing

We lovelovelove Christopher Peck in the Art of Money community. He’s a financial planner, an incredibly smart man, funny as all get-out … and he’s got a completely different way of thinking about investing.

Kick back and watch this incredible interview, including:

:: A wider, more holistic definition of investing
:: Why you’re already an investor, now — even if you don’t know it
:: Why “traditional retirement” is now a myth — and how to create “mini-retirements” at any age
:: Why having an “entrepreneurial mindset” is essential for safeguarding your future.
:: 4 simple steps to start investing in your future right now — without putting a dime into a 401K.

This rich interview is chock-full of fresh perspectives you can put into use, right now. In fact, Forest says it’s one of the best interviews we’ve ever done!

We couldn’t help ourselves … this is a long interview. So we’re including a handy audio download link, so you can pop it onto your phone or mp3 player, and listen in the car, while you wash dishes, or on the treadmill.

This is just one example of how we do business differently.

You see, “marketing gurus” tell us we should never share a video over 10 minutes with you. But delivering incredible amounts of valuable content is what matters most, to us. We’ll never sacrifice value or depth to fit some “formula” or cater to what “they” think your attention span is.

You can think of these longer interviews as podcast interviews, which tend to be between 40 and 60 minutes long. That’s another reason we’re providing an mp3, audio only version of this one for you.

We just want to love you up with the very best content we can possibly deliver — and we’re happy to break some rules along the way. We hope you’re OK with that!!

Enjoy, everyone!!

Goodies for Going Deeper

Want more? Ready to dig in, dive deep, and work with your own money stuff. That’s why we’re including extra resources (practical + soulful) with every Art of Money Roadshow episode.

This episode pairs well with …

Who’s on First? Meet the Players on Your Financial Support Team.
When it comes to money, you really don’t have to do it all on your own. Creating a financial support team is so helpful — but it can be confusing to know who does what, and what kind of help you need. This article explains what different financial professionals do, and how to get support that fits your life, right now.

Welcome to The Art of Money Roadshow: a wild and beautiful adventure!

This January, we’re driving an RV from Seattle to Santa Cruz and filming live(ish) episodes of a mini-teaching-travel-documentary. It’s starring dear friends and Guest Teachers from The Art of Money: my year-long money school. We’re breaking bread, sharing stories, and delivering deep teachings on money and life. It’s our unconventional way of loving up our community, sharing valuable content, and celebrating the opening of The Art of Money 2015: now open for a short time.

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