5 people get REAL about their money stories. Money Memoirs is around the corner!

written by Bari Tessler January 6, 2017
Money Memoirs

Dear Community,

Just a quick heads up for you — because I’m so excited about this, I’ve simply got to share it with you, before I burst!


Starting next week, I’ll be sharing 5 incredible conversations with you … about money, life, love, and so much more.

They’re intimate and raw. Uplifting and practical. Taboo-busting, shame-melting, oomph-inspiring, and utterly incredible.

That’s right: The Money Memoir Series is back — with a fresh set of faces, stories, and voices.

I first created this potent series 3 years ago, after seeing how healing it was when my Art of Money community shared their money stories with each other.

“Shame cannot survive being spoken.” ~ Brene Brown

“When we dare to speak the truth about money, amazing healing begins.” ~ Yours truly

The truth? We all have money stories, money shame, money triumphs, money wisdom, and money gifts to share. And when we open up and actually speak the truth about money? We all reap the rewards.

But most of us don’t talk about money … except with our closest friends. (Maybe.) So we stay hidden and small. We convince ourselves we’re alone. That we’re the only one who hasn’t figure this “money thing” out, yet. We suffer, in silence. But there’s a better way.

5 of my dear friends + colleagues got gracious + brave … and will show you the power of speaking the truth about money.

Get ready for practical wisdom and soul-deep insights from these incredible people.


You’ll hear stories from:

~ Nancy Levin ~ Master Coach and best-selling author of Worthy, Nancy opens up about why Suze Orman told her to “F*%& your credit score.” How she reframed a huge financial loss as a “high level Ph.D.” is massively inspiring.

~ Jacquette Timmons ~ This playful Brooklyn-based financial behaviorist shares what her jazz singer mother taught her about money and the ONE question she’s determined to keep asking herself in 2017.

~ Jennifer Lee ~ A coach’s coach, Jennifer pulls back the curtain on a big health challenge and what it’s taught her about her business, life, and money. (And the story of her grandfather during WWII? Amazing.)

~ Maketa Born ~ Father, consultant, and soulful visionary, Maketa shares the impact of his African-American heritage on his money story and how he and his wife shifted from financial “tug-of-war” to a “tasty cocktail” of gratitude, honesty, and full trust.

~ Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin ~ This former Wall Street litigator was always a high earner … so why didn’t she feel safe and secure, with money? Hear exactly how she shifted this (spoiler: it takes inner and outer work).

I’m so excited to share this intimate series with you … because I know it will help you bring more un-shaming, compassion, savvy, and refreshingly honest awareness to your own money relationship.

Money Memoirs starts January 17th!

This 5-part mini-series of intimate money conversations will land right in your inbox, free of charge and full of love.

Here’s to bringing money out of the shadows … and into alignment with our highest values, in 2017.

With my dearest wishes,


P.S. The Money Memoir series is my gift to you, my dear community. It’s part of my mission to empower you with un-shaming, awareness, and savvy in your money relationship — and beyond.

It’s also my way of celebrating the opening of my year-long money school: The Art of Money 2017.

If you’ve been waiting for us to open our doors … it happens January 17th.

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