Chocolatey-delicious jolts of
money goodness coming your way.

written by Bari Tessler October 12, 2017

Dear Community,

Sweet, tiny ah-ha’s. Subtle-yet-profound shifts. Bite-sized ideas that change everything.

Sometimes, smaller is better. Especially when it comes to shifting your money relationship.

That’s why I’m so excited to gift you this free content series … and it’s right around the corner!

Money Mochas are Coming!

Money Mochas are short, sweet, and deep money teachings. Mini-jolts of financial clarity and love, zapped straight to your inbox (sign up here!) or you’ll find them right here on the blog. 

We all love this mini-series so much, it’s become an annual tradition ‘round here! But each year, the content is different, highlighting some of the best nuggets o’ money wisdom.

This year, we’ve got a fabulous lineup for you, highlighting some of my fave teachings. Hear me and wonderful guest teachers share on money + body-based wisdom, how to make a great money decision, how to earn more, and so much more. For individuals, couples, and creative ‘preneurs.

Potent. Playful. Practical. Bring more clarity and depth to your money relationship … in the time it takes to sip a mocha.

The Art of Money | Bari Tessler

We’re celebrating the earlybird opening of the Art of Money 2018!

This is my flagship program for a reason: it’s life-changing. My year-long money school only begins once a year, in January. But we’ll be opening our doors early for a short time starting next week for those of you who just can’t wait to get in.

If you’re not sure what The Art of Money is all about or whether it’s for you, the Money Mocha series will give you an excellent taste — or chocolatey sip– of what it feels like and can do for you.

So stay tuned! In a few days, I’ll send out the first Money Mocha. From me, to you.

Thanks for being here. I hope you’ll love what we’ve mixed up for you.

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