Real stories of real changes from doing Art of Money work.

written by Bari Tessler January 9, 2024

Dear Money Adventurer,

Over the last 23 years of teaching my version of financial therapy work, I’ve had hundreds of phone calls and video calls with thousands of folks who have been at some phase of their own journey to change their relationship with money.

When you’re a part of that many conversations, you start to hear a lot about the real changes happening in people’s lives as they do their money work.

From one perspective, when you step back and take a look at the transcripts of the recordings, it’s fun to think of these conversations happening in some kind of “mindful money cafe.”

Maybe this is on my mind today because I just got back from my favorite adorable little cozy cafe that’s in an old adobe home in the middle of Taos, where my husband and I watched the snow gently falling outside as we sipped our warm drinks and chatted.

With that on my mind, I thought you might find it interesting to hear some of the types of things heard over the years in the Art of Money Cafe.

These little snippets of conversations can give you a good sense of what kinds of real life things change for folks when they do this Art of Money financial therapy work.

Overheard In The Art of Money Cafe

“What’s happening for me lately is that I’m noticing that I’m naturally starting to let go of old money stories. Like the one I have about myself as a ‘chronic underearner.’ I’ve realized I don’t need to keep writing that same old story anymore. I’ve finally gotten clear on the next step I want to take on my career path, and it’s one that will allow me to start writing a new story about my earning potential. This new clarity wouldn’t have happened without the Art of Money work I’ve done.”

“For me, what I’m seeing is a huge shift in how my husband and I are relating with each other about the topic of money in our lives. Before now, there used to be a ton of conflict between us in conversations about our financial situation. We just never were able to see eye to eye on anything. In fact, we never even used to be able to talk about money at all with each other. But now? We’re actually having regular money dates together. There’s no fighting. No arguing. No battles. It’s a miracle, actually. We’re talking openly about each of our financial goals, where we each want to spend money, how we can support each other, and how we can work together to make everything happen for each other and for our family.”

“I’ve had a big, unsolvable money challenge for 15 years. Being a part of this program, and a part of the community calls, has allowed me to finally, finally get the clarity and motivation to get everything with that big challenge taken care of, all these years later. And it wouldn’t have happened without AOM and the community that’s here on the calls in the program.”

Real stories with real change. That’s what this money work is all about.

Sometimes the changes are small, but they feel huge. Other times the changes are enormous, but they feel enormous. We celebrate and welcome all kinds of change on the journey of changing how you relate with money.

Change is good, yes?

If you’re ready to make some changes in how you relate with money, there are a four days left to join us in the 2024 round of The Art of Money where when you join, you’ll get a basket full of free bonus goodies.

If 2024 feels like your year to finally make some big (or little) changes in how you do this money dance, I look forward to meeting you on the bonus kickstarter call next week!

With wishes for you for a fruitful 2024,

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