What’s really going on under the surface of your money psychology

written by Bari Tessler January 10, 2024

Dear Money Adventurer,

Without a doubt, the most obvious recurring pattern I’ve seen in working with thousands of people around money issues is this:

We all have our own unique, interconnected, interwoven layers that make up the stories we have about money.

When we think about doing any kind of money work, or even do something simple like talk about our financial situation with our intimate partner, different parts of our money story can pop up and cause an array of not-so-easy emotions.

This is why I always tell people that their challenges might feel like they’re about money, but they’re not really just about money.

It’s about all the other things happening in the deeper layers of our psyche beneath the surface.

Remember a couple days ago when I told you about how my husband, Forest, would start to hyperventilate with fear and anxiety in the Whole Foods parking lot after buying some groceries, back when we were barely making enough to cover our basic needs?

Just as he came face-to-face with some old, primordial vulnerability and fear after spending money on food, we all encounter profound, sensitive places within ourselves if we go deep enough into our “money stuff.”

Here’s the thing: these places are never just about money.

Our money relationship brings us into direct contact with…

Our relationship to pleasure, abundance, and thriving.
How we access feelings of enoughness.
Our ability to feel safe, calm, and grounded.
The way we deal with power dynamics in intimate relationships.
Our capacity to feel worthy and valuable.
Our self-confidence, self-reliance, and resilience.
Our ability to get vulnerable, get intimate, and ask for help.

Look, there’s so much going on under the surface layer of how we behave around money.

I’m bringing this up today to tell you two really important things about money work.

First, know that whatever part of your money story feels most challenging lately, you are not alone.

Every single person I’ve ever worked with around money has challenges around it, including me.

It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling to make enough money for your basic needs, or if you’re comfortable with the basics and you’re able to do some extra things, or if you have plenty of money to live your version of an ultimate lifestyle.

Everyone deals with their own combination of emotions, like shame/anxiety/fear, and other multi-layered topics like self-worth, power dynamics, feeling safe and secure, enoughness, or feeling like they can be a responsible adult around money.

Fully getting that you are not alone in this is a vital experience that happens in the Art of Money calls with me and the other program members.

In these calls I do mini financial therapy sessions with several people, and even if I don’t work directly with you in a given call, there is great relief in just hearing other people’s stories, challenges, and breakthroughs.

Second, almost every tool and practice in the Art of Money methodology is designed to help you with whatever challenges you’ll find in the deeper layers of your own money story.

From the inner work and exploration into our past in the Money Healing phase, to the practical actions of working directly with your numbers in the Money Practices phase, to the work we do to create a future lifestyle we want to live in the Money Maps phase, you’ll find tools that will help you write a new money story.

A story that can lead you to a place with money that feels more like you want it to, whether that’s more clear and calm, or grounded and secure, or safe and enough.

That’s what this financial therapy money work is about in the Art of Money program.

It looks like it’s about money on the surface, but in reality, it’s never just about the money.

It’s about finding what’s going on in the deeper layers of our psyche and using practical tools to help heal whatever wounds and trauma we find down there.

This is how money healing happens.

This is how you write new money stories.

This is the way to a new, healthier relationship with money.

And that kind of relationship? Can change everything about everything in your life.

There are 5 days left to join the program and get a heaping basket full of free bonuses to help you forward on the path to a new, healthier relationship with money.

You can get all the details about the program, the bonuses, and join the 2024 round of The Art of Money right here.

Here’s to you writing a new chapter in your money story in 2024…

With my dearest wishes,

P.S. Just to remind you of the big 5 bonuses that you can scoop up for free this week if you join the Art of Money program for 2024, here’s what you’ll get in addition to the full program materials:

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