The Antidote to Money Shame

written by Bari Tessler October 20, 2023
The Antidote to Money Shame

Most of us have HUGE resistance to doing money work — at least in the beginning.

An elegant, successful client of mine once told me: she’d rather talk about her sex life than her bank accounts.

And even when we know that we “should” work on our money — we’re still resistant.

Talk to a bookkeeper? Yikes! Look at our income and spending with our honey? Run away!

There’s a name for this resistance. It’s not just fear. It’s shame. Money Shame. And we’ve all got it.

That’s why the “tough love” approach to money absolutely, positively doesn’t work. All that does is just pile more shame upon shame.

The only way out of Money Shame … is through. Gently, gently, gently.

Curl up, pour yourself a cuppa, and let me tell you a story about a woman who overcame Money Shame … and actually learned to recognize the gifts hidden within it.

(Spoiler alert: this story’s about yours truly.) You’ll also get a chance to practice my favorite, completely-not-scary-at-all-I-promise, 60-second practice for healing Money Shame.

Here’s what we’ll uncover today:

  • What “Money Shame” is and why we ALL have it.
  • How to recognize when it’s popping up in YOUR life (there are different flavors!)
  • Why tough love isn’t actually the solution (Though I know it seems like it is.)
  • A guided tour of the Body Check-In: my fave, 60-second money practice to heal from Money Shame.

Here’s the thing about Money Shame (and other uncomfortable money emotions): it will always arise, even after you learn to work with it and learn to not let it stop you from making forward progress. But when we have the right tools, we can recognize it when it comes up, listen to its wisdom, and allow it to flow through us, only taking its useful lessons with us.

Here’s to wiser, gentler, more loving relationships with our shame. With our money. And most importantly? With ourselves.

Click play to listen in … and begin to release (and even befriend) your Money Shame.

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