How The Mentor Program Can Change Your Work Life For The Better

written by Bari Tessler January 20, 2023

Dear Coach, Therapist, or Financial Professional,

My mentorship program has been in the making for more than two decades.
It integrates my training in somatic therapy, lessons I’ve learned over more than twenty years of teaching the Art of Money methodology to over 5,000 people, doing hundreds of private financial therapy sessions, growing a successful online business, and publishing two books.

It is all of that, woven together to create a safe, supportive container for therapists, coaches, and financial professionals to:

1: Do your own personal money work.

2: Learn practical and emotional money tools to bring to your own clients.

3: Build a more solid and sustainable foundation for you and your business.

But what does that look like in real-life?

Well, in technical terms, the program is a four-month long, small group mentorship experience that includes:

  • 16 weekly, live video mentor calls with support from me to both help you with your own relationship to money and help you learn to be a more effective support for your clients around their money challenges.
  • Guest video mentor calls with colleagues of mine to help support us with topics like somatic trauma work, pricing, visibility and how to bring financial therapy practices to your clients.
  • Private members only forum – A safe, welcoming space to explore ideas, ask questions, and connect with a support network of your peers.
  • Art of Money Mentor Guides to help run the community both in the community forum and behind the scenes.
  • Complete Access to the Art of Money Content. Get immediate access to my comprehensive methodology and all 12 Financial Therapy modules in one convenient portal exclusively for the mentorship community.

As for your personal experience, those details translate to:

Expert financial, somatic, and entrepreneurial guidance. Money healing paired with illuminating personal and professional insights. Cross-pollination and community collaboration.

A trauma-informed approach to expand your perspective and inform your work. Learning to better hold space for others–and also to be held.

A shared experience of being authentically witnessed, genuinely supported, and sincerely encouraged. Integrating body-based exercises, practical money tools, and heart-centered business practices in your life and your work with clients. Teachings, coaching, and conversations curated to meet the needs of our community.

An exploration of financial literacy, emotional literacy, and body-based wisdom to close the gap between your professional training and what actually happens when the subject of money comes up with your clients.

A safe space to unpack your personal money story and do your own money work, rooted in support from me and our community, free from shame or judgment.

The Art of Money Mentorship Program is all of this and so much more. As one of our founding members put it:

“…this space has been healing in a way that I did not know I needed. Every single class, I walked away with insights and avenues to explore and discover. I am grateful for being exposed to these conversations and look forward to incorporating this collective wisdom into practice. I have more and better tools to support people going forward. Bari, the mentor coaches and guest mentors have been great role models and guides providing real world practical knowledge/experience, encouragement and support. The entire experience has been nourishing. It is so important to have spaces like this in our world today. Thank you for providing the safe space and container to learn, grow and heal, personally and professionally.” – Dedra Murchison, Owner, Road Map to Change.

This is why I created this offering.

This is what the work is all about.

This is what you can expect from the Art of Money Mentor Program.

The community has been asking for an opportunity like the Art of Money Mentorship Program for years, and I am so excited to share this offering with you. Our mentorship experience begins on February 1. That’s only 11 days away!

Registration will be closing on Sunday, January 22 as we prepare to begin a new chapter together.

This is a gentle reminder that if you’re feeling called to go deeper here, we would love to have you. The adventure is about to begin and, if you want to be a part of it, I genuinely don’t want you to miss your chance. I would be so honored to welcome you as a member of the Art of Money Mentorship Program.

Click here to claim your spot and commit to growing through this work together.

This program is an offering of wisdom, guidance, and support, but also an opportunity to connect with each other, to cross-pollinate ideas and expertise, to become a community of collaborators as we change the way that we think, feel, and engage with money in our lives, and watch the impact ripple out into the world.

And if you’re ready for that?

P.S. Registration for The Mentor Program closes this Sunday at midnight and we can’t wait to welcome you into the community!

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