Money, Synchronicity, and Planetary Interference

written by Bari Tessler January 27, 2023

Dear Money Adventurer,

Today, I’ve got two helpful, new money relationship pieces that were just released out in the wilderness of the internet, and one quick head’s up that has to do with some local planetary influences. (I’m looking at you, Mercury.)

Money, Relationships, and Entrepreneurship

Earlier this month, I had the chance to sit down with cash flow coach, bookkeeper and Art of Money Alum, Bill Hershey, to talk about money, relationships, and entrepreneurship. These are some of my favorite things.

This interview is chock-full of stories and lessons learned from my own business journey but it also offers insight no matter where you are in your money journey- click here to watch, listen, or read along.

Tune in here to find out:

  • What a beloved mentor said that led me to create what would become my Art of Money Methodology
  • My equation for balancing my life, business, and personal well-being
  • The trick I use to break down overwhelming money tasks into manageable steps
  • How my own business model has shifted and changed over the last three decades (and why it is ever-evolving)
  • The story of that time I scared my students with my enthusiasm to dive into the depths of their money stories – and how it changed my work forever

Why Am I So Bad At Money?

In a beautiful example of synchronicity, The Cut also recently published an article about how to start building a healthier relationship with money – and they used my teaching on Money Dates as one of their four key steps! If your inner Financial Critic has been loud lately, or you feel like you haven’t been making progress in your money journey as quickly as you might like, I encourage you to take a peek at “Why Am I So Bad at Money.” And please be gentle with yourself. Your relationship with money isn’t a race. There is no “finish line.”

Sometimes, timing is everything.

Note to Self: Don’t launch anything during Mercury retrograde ever again! The tech issues alone were challenging to navigate. We’ve never had to deal with those kinds of hiccups before, but it’s all part of running a practice and owning a business – we need to adapt and adjust as we go!

Because of this, I’ve decided to extend the registration deadline for our next mentor program to February 1. Sometimes you just need to leave a little time and space for the pieces to come together.

So, I’m holding the doors open for a few more folks to join until February 1, whether Mercury likes it or not. Get all the program details, meet our new Guest Mentors, and claim your seat right here.

Just to remind you, the Mentor Program is a small group 4-month experience for therapists, coaches and financial professionals with 16 video zoom calls at the heart of the experience.

The goal of this program is to give folks a safe space to do your own money work, to learn new money tools to bring to your clients and to create a more sustainable foundation for your businesses.

Whether this is the right program for you right now or not, I wish you technology that works exactly the way it’s supposed to, synchronicity, and all the time and space you need for the next pieces of your own journey to come together.

With my dearest wishes,

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