What Should I Charge? (I get asked this a lot!)

written by Bari Tessler January 6, 2021
What Should I Charge?

Dear Friend,

Happy New Year!

During an interview the other day, (my first interview of the year) I was asked about my pricing technique.

This is a question that echoes in creative entrepreneurs’ minds several times throughout their careers.

What should I charge?

The interviewer wanted to know if I do a body check-in, simply go with my heart’s desire, or if I look more closely at my personal numbers and consider some business financial projections. Of course, I replied that I do all of the above, but there are more questions and deeper reflections to consider when determining your fees.

The truth is, the question of what you should charge is not a simple one. In fact, it brings up a whole series of questions that, when deeply considered, tell a rich story about you and your work in the world. It deserves thoughtful inquiry about your inner world, and your outer actions. This is a question about numbers, but there’s much more to it than that.

So today, I am sharing a few resources to help you get a clearer understanding of how to price yourself.

Last year, I did an interview with Jacquette Timmons, a Financial Behaviorist that has a lot of insight into the question at hand. Pricing strategies have become one of her specialty topics, and it’s quite apparent that she’s passionate about it. Jacquette is a smart, amazing woman, and I know you’ll learn something new from this interview.

While many guest teacher interviews remain private in my Art of Money program, I knew I had to share this interview with our larger community.

You can listen to my interview with Jacquette here. Also available on iTunes & Spotify!

Additionally, I want to share some of my favorite articles on pricing so you can see how I connect my Art of Money methodology with this topic

Take some time to read and reflect on these articles. Listen to the first answer that pops into your awareness, but also be open to deeper, truer answers that may not come immediately. Also, remember that your answers can and will shift over time, right along with you and your business.

Above all, give yourself permission to bring some depth to the question, “What should I charge?” You should not only put yourself in charge of answering it, but really ask your highest, smartest self this question. Do what you can to silence your fear, resistance, and vulnerability as you consider this topic (though this side of you needs love and honoring, they don’t need to be in the driver’s seat).

As you continue to adjust and fine-tune how to price yourself, you can (and I hope, will) craft a business model that serves your entire life. This means that going forward, you’ll not only benefit the community who needs your unique gifts, but also you’ll benefit yourself. May you create and evolve a beautiful business that supports the lifestyle and values you hold dear.

Grab an 8-minute guided body check-in meditation mp3 and workbook below. 

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