Celebrating Women and Money

written by Bari Tessler March 16, 2022
Celebrating Women and Money

Dear Money Adventurer,

Regardless of who you are, where you come from, or what you believe in, money influences your personal choices, opportunities, even your communities.

In my work as a Financial Therapist, I explore the world of money, bringing more mindful attention to the personal, micro side of money, the relationship we have with money, the narratives we write for ourselves, and how those stories impact even our closest relationships.

I also bring loving curiosity to the macro side of money, where we speak to the bigger picture, to social systems, how we navigate them, and how we can shift them alongside our own stories.

For these grand-scale perspectives, I usually go to fellow financial experts who specialize in this work, so that I can guide the interview as they generously share their knowledge and experiences. And I can learn more about the macro side of money, as well.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, I want to recognize some of the phenomenal women I have interviewed who are showing up to change the old narrative and create a more equitable, accessible, inclusive world of money for us all.

Here are some of my favorite women-led interviews covering everything from the wealth gap and social justice investing, to pricing strategies, overcoming underearning, personal growth, self-worth, and single motherhood.

Spotlight on Jacquette Timmons: Financial Behaviorist, Author, and Speaker talks about women in business, pricing, and earning potential. Interview: Pricing Your Services with Strategy + Mindset Tips.

Spotlight on Saundra Davis: Financial Coach and Money Pioneer dives into the Wealth Gap and how we can create the change we want to see in the world. Interview: The wealth gap challenges and what real change takes.

Spotlight on Rachel Robasciotti: Founder, CEO of Adasina Social Capital and Social Justice Powerhouse explains Social Justice Investing. Interview: Let’s Talk Social Justice Investing.

Spotlight on Barbara Huson: Author and Wealth Coach (formerly known as Barbara Stanny) explores women, money, and self-worth. Interview: Overcoming Underearning.

Spotlight on Bernadette Anat: Financial Hype Woman explains learning to manage money and paying off Student Loan Debt. Interview: How Berna said “Bye Felicia” to $50K of debt.

Spotlight on Manisha Thakor: Certified Financial Planner and Vice President of Financial Well-Being at Brighton Jones, gets real about Women, Money, and Mental Health. Interview: Money + mental health.

Spotlight on Cait Howerton: Financial Coach, Student Loan, Relationship, and Money Specialist, and LGBTQ+ advocate. Interview: How To Support The LGBTQ+ Community.

Spotlight on Toi Smith: Business Strategist and Coach for Visionary Black Women shares her story of single motherhood and solo-preneurship. Interview: What it Really Takes to Support Your Family as Single Mom + Solo Entrepreneur.

Spotlight on Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick: Inclusive Leadership Coach, Consultant, and Integrator speaks to money, business, and claiming her value as a mother and creative-preneur. Interview: How Alethea’s claiming her value as a mother and creative entrepreneur.

Spotlight on Danielle Cohen: Visibility Coach, Photographer & Business Mentor shares her story of money initiation and slaying financial dragons as a single mom. Interview: The financial triumph of a once single mother of three.

Spotlight on Vicki Robin: Author, Social Innovator, and Speaker talks about her book, “Your Money or Your Life” and how she’s updating her teachings for new economic realities. Interview: Why money pioneer Vicki Robin’s classic work is more relevant than ever.

I hope you’ll take some time to listen in to these women’s stories, to really hear the wisdom they have to share, and to celebrate the work they are doing, the way they are showing up as women – and for women – so that we can all have a voice and a seat at the table.

May we celebrate every step, big or small, that leads to a more accessible, more inclusive, more compassionate world of money.

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