Social Justice Investing with Rachel Robasciotti

written by Bari Tessler February 12, 2021
Social Justice Investing with Rachel Robasciotti

Dear Money Adventurer,

When we wade into the waters of authentically engaging with money in our lives, we open ourselves up to exploring the money story that we have been unwittingly writing all along. As we step into unpacking these personal money stories, we dance with the “micro” side of money – intimately personal and soulfully deep.

This is inside out work, rooted within your own psyche, your body, and your daily life. Yet, it becomes impossible not to see the ripples of effect expanding outwards to your close relationships, through couple dynamics, and how you engage with your community. Continuing along this path, we come to see only more clearly how profoundly money permeates every layer of the fabric of our lives.

Eventually, my own journey with money led me to ask questions about the “macro” side of our money relationships. The grand, sweeping systems that frame the way we live our lives — the influence and impositions of global economics and world history. Here, in this rich territory, we find game-changing truth that can radically change our perspective of money.

This money journey is so much more than “just” internal work.

As I began my exploration of the “macro” side of money, I knew I needed to go to the experts — and that is how my personal money journey led me to meet the incredible pioneer of social justice investing, Rachel Robasciotti.

You may already be familiar with SRI – socially responsible investing – but Rachel Robasciotti and her woman-owned, independent investment firm, Robasciotti & Philipson, have created a new, empowering landscape with their model of social justice investing.

Rachel became a financial planner at a young age, which translates into 20 years of experience in a field that is 77% white and 68% male. As a young, queer woman of color, Rachel is creating fundamental change within the greater systems that frame our lived experiences.

I am so grateful for this interview. I am so thankful to Rachel for her willingness to share her own story, and the roles that money and “enoughness” played in her journey back to her heart and her calling.

What happens when money meets social justice? My *must* hear interview with money pioneer Rachel Robasciotti.

So grab your favorite cuppa, friend, get cozy, and listen in.

(Pssst….make sure to listen all the way to the end – you don’t want to miss Rachel’s explanation of the revolutionary social justice investing that her firm is doing.)

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