Money Work is Better Together (Open up to learn more)

written by Bari Tessler January 11, 2022

Dear Money Adventurer,

You don’t have to do this alone.

Deep breath. Let that sink in.

Filing your taxes as a creative entrepreneur for the first time — you don’t have to do that all alone.

Figuring out how to tackle that sweaty-palmed money talk with your sweetie — you don’t have to do that all alone.

Actually healing your resistance and stuck spots around money, so you can hold your head high and fall asleep less stressed — you don’t have to do that all alone.

I repeat this again and again in The Art of Money program because so many of us need to hear it.

We forget we can ask for help in making a change in our life. Especially with money. Maybe we’re embarrassed to admit we don’t already know how to file our taxes (even though nobody taught us!) Or maybe think it’s nobler to suffer through it all alone.

Or perhaps we’d actually LOVE to connect with others doing deep, thoughtful money work, but can’t find anyone who really gets it.

It is SO wise to find loving support and community. I do it, too!

When I created my year-long Art of Money program, I knew I didn’t want to do it alone.

And I realized that if I didn’t want to do this alone, you probably don’t either. That’s why I designed the program to have key support for you from an incredible community of like-minded travelers on their own money journey.

Today, I want to take a few minutes and spell out exactly how we go about creating the kind of support in the Art of Money program that can help you make the kinds of changes you want to make in your money life.

Here, then, are the 5 elements that make the Art of Money a place where you can work on your money life with others. No more doing this stuff alone, really…

1. Global Community.

Every time we open the program and I see the community forming from people in dozens of different countries around the world, it literally warms my heart.

The community aspect of the program is truly where members find oodles of support for bringing more clarity, savvy, and compassion into their money relationship.

These folks stepping onto the AOM train now are brave souls showing up and saying “YES! I’m finally ready to join this community of like-minded people who want to change how they relate to this thing called money.”

These are other people just like you. When you get support and give support in a space like this, you’ll feel the opposite of alone. You’ll belong. You’ll be a part of a community that helps you melt away any money shame you might have, and you’ll all be on the journey together. And that feeling? Is gold.

I haven’t seen the faces of these new folks coming into the program yet, but I know they’re beautiful because I’ve seen all the faces of members in the past 10 years we’ve run this program.

2. Alumni Guides:

This year, when you join the Art of Money, you’ll be supported by a group of alumni. We have an amazing team of 11 alumni joining us from England, the Netherlands, Greece, Spain and the US to create a safe, accessible and welcoming space for every member of our community.

This incredible group of Art of Money alumni are the passionate creatives, artists, therapists, facilitators, musicians and business owners leading our private community forum.

Each and every one of them has had their own life-changing experiences with the Art of Money, and now they are here as guides to walk alongside you, celebrating your successes and sharing wisdom to offer personal support through the trials and tribulations along the way.

Here are these beautiful, supporting souls that you’ll get support from in the community space of the program:

3. Zoom Calls and Co-Working Group.

This year we’re offering new community support via Zoom video calls and a weekly co-working group. Every month one of our alumni guides will host a video call with different topics, such as: how to find a buddy, how to use the body check-in and other somatic tools, how to have money dates, and so on

4. Guest Teachers.

The community love doesn’t stop there. There’s another built-in community to support you in the Art of Money experience: the community of guest teachers.

I’m truly honored to introduce you to this crazy-amazing lineup of guest teachers. I consider each a visionary expert in their field, and I’ve collaborated with them to choose the most potent topic to dive into together.

Why do I bring in guest teachers? Because the topic of money is so vast and kaleidoscopic that no one person can cover every aspect of it. So I bring in specialists who focus on one part of the larger money picture, and let them share their unique teachings and insights to help you.

The wisdom of these teachers is right inside the program, waiting to help you out along the journey.

Here’s a handful of these wise beings:

5. Community Calls with Bari.

Each month I offer a LIVE, 2-hour Group Coaching Call with me. This is your chance to ask me anything, to share a celebratory update, or to help you get unstuck.

During the calls I give a handful of mini-private-coaching sessions. I can only work with so many folks in each call, but because we all struggle with very similar money challenges, even if I can’t work directly with each person, everyone gets something out of the mini coaching sessions.

And don’t worry if you can’t make all the calls. You can submit questions before each call, and every call is recorded so you can listen in later.


This year it’s looking like there’s going to be lots of extra love and support from the community aspect of the program since we offer a wonderful “bring a buddy” option and additional community support.

We’re thrilled to be offering the buddy discount in 2022. This means we are allowing anyone who joins the Art of Money 2022 program to bring a buddy of their choosing, and the two of you can join at the lower couple’s rate, which we’ve only ever offered to two people in an intimate relationship who are working on their money relationship together.

You can bring your BFFs, daughter, or your mom…it could literally be anyone you choose.

This year, the Art of Money program is fixing to be a big ‘ol warm and cozy community experience with support and help happening all over the place.

And here’s the thing: no matter what you want your relationship to money to feel like — confident, peaceful, sacred, empowered, minimalist, lush — the journey is better with friends.

When we do this work together, we stop suffering in isolation…and start hoping and creating. Together.

If you’re ready to join me and the AOM 2022 community on the train, you can grab your boarding pass right this way. (And remember, you can bring a friend, get the lower AOM buddy rate, and then split the cost together. Twice the goodness for half the cost.)

And here’s the important part:

Registration for The Art of Money 2022 closes in 6 days…

…and it won’t open again for a while.

You can join us right here.

I hope to see you on the Art of Money train soon! You’ll find me in the dinner car bringing dark chocolate bars to everyone, because…chocolate is the answer. The question is irrelevant.

Sending my dearest wishes,

P.S. You can find out all about The Art of Money program on our beautiful new program page here.

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