Are you afraid to log into your bank account?

written by Bari Tessler April 29, 2021
Are you afraid to log into your bank account?

Dear Art of Money Adventurer,

When you think about checking your accounts, how do you feel?

Is your stomach churning with anxiety at the thought of mounting bills?

Do you think of how the pandemic has altered your financial landscape and feel fearful uncertainty flutter in your chest?

Does your chest tighten over financial mistakes you’ve made that you wish you could take back?

You aren’t alone.

Money affects every part of our lives, but few of us were ever taught the financial or emotional skills needed to have a healthy relationship with money.

What you’re experiencing is totally normal and way more common than you think. I promise.

So how do you build a healthy relationship with money when it feels so overwhelming to think about?

Start by taking a deep breath.

The answer to your question is this: you do it by taking baby steps, one at a time, and infusing the journey with body check-ins, money dates, and some extra hand-holding from a financial professional.

You give yourself grace and time to breathe.

And you equip yourself with tools and resources to guide and sustain you along the way to a new beginning in your relationship with money.

When you’re ready, take a peek at this USA Today article, “Afraid to log into your bank account?” featuring my work and personal approach to Financial Therapy for some of my favorite tools to get you started.

Remember, you’re doing brave work here. Be gentle with yourself.

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