When You Come From Wealth: How to Take Courageous Action

written by Bari Tessler January 24, 2022
When You Come From Wealth: How to Take Courageous Action

Dear Money Adventurer,

In a world that often tells us that net worth defines self-worth, the privilege of wealth often comes at the cost of personal connection, hindering our capacity for intimacy, honesty, and vulnerability.

After an unexpected inheritance at the age of 22, Iris Brilliant– already active in anti-racist and feminist organizing – found herself unable to reconcile her personal and political values with owning stocks in guns, oil, and tobacco. Navigating this space led Iris to discover her life’s mission in supporting people with wealth to move money towards social justice. While her coaching centers on wealthy individuals, Iris’s work is rooted in how we relate to money, family, community, and what it means to belong – themes that transcend class and speak to the humanity in us all.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Iris for The Art of Money podcast, and I am so excited to share her insightful wisdom with you today. Her former roles include Social Justice Strategist at investment management firm Robasciotti & Philipson and National Organizer at Resource Generation, where she helped move over 10 million dollars to social justice organizations.

In this profoundly moving conversation, Iris shares her own story of navigating unexpected wealth and loss and how we can deconstruct the ideals of capitalism to stand in the integrity of our own personal values to create a more equitable world.

Listen in as we dive deep to explore:

  • How we can disentangle our self-worth from our net-worth
  • Working through shame, scarcity, and reactivity to reclaim our agency
  • Connecting to inner resilience and adaptability to create a sense of belonging and resonance in our lives
  • How aligning wealth with our personal values serves to deconstruct capitalism and create a framework of collective liberation
  • Plus! Iris’s 10 paradigm-shifting beliefs about wealth and class

Iris’s work offers a path to solidarity, deeper meaning, and authentic connection for people of wealth while illuminating the possibility of a better world for us all. Whether you‘re seeking to align your financial privilege with your personal values or simply to better understand how to foster community and social justice in a capitalistic world, this soulful conversation speaks to the heart of wealth, class, and what it means to belong to something bigger than ourselves.

Wherever this finds you, I hope you find hope, insight, and inspiration here.

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