Money Stories and Trauma Support with Kimberly Ann Johnson

written by Bari Tessler May 6, 2021
Money Stories and Trauma Support with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Dear Money Adventurer,

Tuning into our bodies is a life-saving, life-giving practice.

Our bodies have precious wisdom to share with us, but in a culture that teaches us to ignore those messages, how do we get back to our bodies and learn to listen to the insight that they have to share with us?

In the latest installment of my Money Memoirs series, I had the opportunity to interview Kimberly Ann Johnson, a Somatic Experiencing™ Practitioner, educator, and author who helps women connect with their bodies.

She is the Author of The Fourth Trimester and new book: The Call of the Wild: How we heal trauma, awaken our own power and use it for good.

Listen in as Kimberly opens up to share her personal money story alongside professional somatic wisdom to hear:

  • How her family background and personal experiences with financial abundance and lack have shaped her relationship with money – and her father
  • As a single parent and the first woman in her lineage to work as the breadwinner for her family, Kimberly shares a poignant look at the concepts of capacity, privilege, and redistributing wealth
  • Step into a greater understanding of how our nervous system functions, how our bodies respond to threat and trauma, and why we react the way we do
  • Explore how we can learn to heal ourselves, activate new nervous system responses, and learn to cope with more awareness and compassion to shift our experiences, beliefs, and money stories

Expect frankly tender personal stories and practical somatic tools to inspire and empower your own money journey in this Money Memoir meets somatic learning moment.

Listen in here:

I’m so honored and excited to share this tender and insightful money conversation with you today. I encourage you to join us for an inspiring, heartfelt, and educational opportunity to learn how we can become more grounded and offer ourselves more grace in challenging moments.

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