How to survive a summer cashflow dip
(without selling your soul)

written by Bari Tessler July 13, 2018

Summer can be rough on wallets. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

Your biggest client presses “pause” to go to the beach. Sales from your online store slow to a trickle because everyone’s hanging out with their kids or watching the latest blockbuster on the big screen.

But while summer income might move at a slower pace, those bills keep coming — and just might land you in a cashflow dip.

Cashflow dips are a totally normal part of life. Even if you’re not running your own biz.

Whether you got an big, unexpected bill, are between jobs, or need quick cash for a special purchase — most of us will have the experience of needing money when it’s nowhere to be found.

Here’s the good news: you really don’t have to throw your conscious money relationship out the window. Even when you feel like you’re in “survival mode.”

I know: it’s so easy to spiral into anxiety and shame, when money is scarce. (Remember: money is never just about the money.)

That’s why dealing with cashflow dips must include some inner work, first. So you can calm down, clear your head outta crisis mode … and then buckle down with some practical steps.

If you like the idea of facing a cashflow dip with practical savvy and inner sanity, you’ll love my conversation with Tad Hargrave.

Tad Hargrave, a Guest Teacher in my year-long Art of Money program, describes himself as “a hippie who developed a knack for marketing — and then learned how to be a hippie again.” He’s spent almost a decade helping conscious entrepreneurs grow their businesses without selling their souls.

I loved talking with Tad because we have such compatible views on marketing. We break all the conventional business rules and focus on building relationships over time instead of high-pressure sales. That’s why I was so curious to hear his thoughts on cashflow dips (which need to be solved quickly, not over months and months).

Our conversation surprised and delighted me, and included:

  • 9 strategies to bring in cash, quick (without creating MORE overwhelm)
  • The surprising first step Tad suggests, which has nothing (and everything) to do with money — so smart!
  • What you can learn + love about your cashflow dips
  • How to barter + trade so it truly serves you (and how my thoughts have evolved on this).

As Tad says, cashflow dips are a time to hustle and be resourceful … but you can’t do that if you’re scattered, overwhelmed, or burned out.

That’s why it’s crucial to tend to your inner wellbeing first … and then, from this fortified foundation, take smart, meaningful action.

Cashflow dips: an opportunity for inner and outer growth. (Like everything in our ever-evolving, ever-deepening money journey!)

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