The equation of money, time, energy, family and health.

written by Bari Tessler May 26, 2020
Equation of time, money, energy

Last week was a really good work week. I ended the week feeling as though I am offering solid work in current time and also planning things out for the future.

I’ll share an update all things Art of Money related later this week. There are some new developments which include a new publishing contract (related to my first book), which is very exciting. I’m sure I haven’t said anything like this for a while.

During this pandemic time, I felt I was simply doing my best to ride the waves of change and uncertainty and all the emotions that showed up along the way. I was questioning my work in the world and just trying to find some ground on a daily basis.

Recently, I’m emerging again. I know this is not the same for everyone and that we all are going through very different circumstances right now. And, I wanted to share an equation that might be helpful for you to consider during this time and as you move forward.

The equation of money, time, energy, family and health (in no particular order).

Now, I don’t have exact percentages for this equation. That’s not how I work. But I do sit with these 5 concepts over and over as a living question and intention when making any big life or business decision.

I recently hired a new list growth-wizard for my business (I’ll share his info in that big update). During our first meeting when he asked me what my intentions were and the reason behind my desired growth, I found myself speaking to this equation: money, time, energy, family and health.

I did say a concrete number that I hoped to grow my list by. It didn’t sound like I wanted to reach a million people with my mission or even that I wanted a million-dollar business. Those are not my guiding signposts.

I’ve always preferred the slow and steady and sustainable growth. And I’ve always honored that I am more of an incremental growth person and then hit the big leaps. Rather than a big leaper over and over.

The equation of money, time, energy, family and health is my North Star.

I’m not necessarily saying I desire balance in all of these things because I know that it’s continually a dance and there is no perfect balance. But these are the concepts I am thinking about over and over and then making choices from in my mind and in my heart-body. So very practically and very heartfully.

I thought the equation might change during this time. I’m realizing that the variables may change and the nuances of how it all looks may change, but this living equation is still the constant for me.

What about for you?

What was your living equation before the pandemic and what is it now?

Please sit with this question and feel free to share your responses with us right here

With my dearest wishes,

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