My Fave New Year Money Ritual

written by Bari Tessler December 17, 2018

Dear Community,

Lighting the candles. Singing songs. Deep rest and family time.

This is the time of year for old traditions and deep meaning.

Some we inherit from family — and might even be so old, we don’t even remember why we’re doing them. Others, we create ourselves (and these are some of my favorites).

Sure, ideally, we’re always bringing deep meaning and intention to what we do. But there’s something special about this time of year, for many people, when it comes to rhythm and ritual and rest.

I’ve practiced my very own End-of-Year Money + Life Ritual for many years, now.

This is nothing like the “year-end financial review” you might have heard about from your accountant or personal finance blogs.

Because while those sound like something savvy that you should do … I can’t blame you for being utterly uninspired to set aside a few hours for cold, hard numbers. (Especially when there’s hot cocoa and family togetherness to draw your attention!)

So listen …

Money absolutely, positively deserves a place in this time of intention and deep meaning. Just as much as anything else.

But it’s up to us to create this space … and do so in a way that feels good and beautiful to us, each in our own way.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you how I do my own End-of-Year Money + Life Ritual. Each year, it helps me connect to money in a more intimate way, recognizing it as a way to live my values. I emerge feeling more peaceful, grounded, and inspired — and YES more clear and confident about my numbers, too!

This ritual unfolds in two parts, which you’re welcome to do a few days (or weeks apart) or in one fell swoop if you’re really inspired and energized!

Create a Money Ritual Part One

Part One: Looking Back

Before looking ahead to the New Year, it’s crucial to recognize what this past year has been all about for you. What were the Big Picture themes? What is there to honor and celebrate … and what challenges can you learn from?

In this mega-important first part, you’ll consciously close this last chapter, so you can move more mindfully into the next.

Your New Year’s Life + Money Ritual Part Two: How to Look Ahead

Part Two: Looking Ahead

Once you’ve got a clear view of the past year, you’re ready to set Big Picture intentions for the New Year. I’ll walk you through how to include the numbers and much more: your emotions, body, and Big Life Plans. I’ll also show you how to create a personalized, 3-Tier Money Map of Intention (so powerful) and set financial goals and intentions with full clarity and confidence.

As always, I encourage you to make this ritual your own.

Will you sip a matcha latte or Cognac? Listen to sacred chanting or dubstep? Stay snuggled in bed, go to the park, or bring your sweetie in with you?

So set aside a few hours. Be as luxurious — or minimalist — as you like. Create a meaningful space for money to support you, your dreams, and your values.

Who knows … it just might become your new favorite tradition.

Wishing you and yours a healthy, happy New Year!

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