Creative-preneur Roundup! How to set rates, thrive in cashflow dips + earn more in my epic 5 fave pieces.

written by Bari Tessler July 22, 2019
My top 5 essential, epic pieces on biz savvy and soul.

Dear Community,

Creative-preneurs, this one is especially for you!

We’re in full-on, sunny summertime in my mountain town of Boulder, Colorado. Things slow down a bit in the summer heat: people are tubing down Boulder Creek and the chai lattes are all iced.

But because I’m a creative-preneur, my days already flow in a different rhythm than most people.

Work and family and play all weave together, flowing in and out in an integrated way.

Dinner with my husband might flow into a business strategy brainstorm. A hike might inspire a brand-new offering or blog post. I connect with my business team, who live in all different parts of the country, at all different times of the day. (That photo on top I’m with my incredible virtual assistant Ali Willoughby in NY when we met for the first time).

Because my work is so dear to my heart — and my life is so integral to my work — there aren’t the normal, 9-to-5 divides.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today I’m sharing some of my best-beloved pieces to support YOU, my kindred creative-preneurs.

Allow me to celebrate your courage with some practical, gentle, and out-of-the-box support.

#1: How to survive a summer cashflow dip
(without selling your soul)

Summer can be rough on a small biz! If you’re in a cashflow dip, hang onto your beach hat and listen to my fabulous conversation with Tad Hargrave: founder of Marketing for Hippies.

You’ll learn 9 ultra-practical strategies to bring in cash quick, how to soothe your money anxiety when you’re crunched, and the surprising reasons why a cashflow dip can actually be a GOOD thing.

Listen to my interview with Tad so you can start soothing your nerves and opening up cashflow today.

#2: What should you charge? 3 non-obvious perspectives

What should you charge

Everyone and their cousin Karen has an opinion on setting your rates. But it’s not as easy as “charge what you’re worth.” You are worth the moon and stars, not $15 or $150 an hour. And it’s not as simple as raising your rates by 5% every year.

Only YOU can know what’s best for you and your work. But how do YOU figure this all out?

Get the questions I recommend asking yourself to find your rates — plus heaps of cheering on — right here.

#3: Racheal Cook on pricing, biz models and revenue streams for your business.

Racheal Cook on pricing, biz models and revenue streams for your business.

We’ve never shared this fantastic interview outside of the private Art of Money community before — and it is SO good!

Racheal is an award-winning business strategist who specializes in helping soulful, smart women uncomplicated their businesses so they can work less and live more. We talk learning curves, common pitfalls, shifting pricing structures, creating additional revenue streams, and so much more in this warm, savvy-packed interview.

Get your biz savvy on with me and Racheal right here.

#4: How to earn more money: practical tips from 3 powerhouses {a mini-class}

How to earn more money. Practical tips from 3 powerhouses.

Take 3 visionary financial teachers at the top of their game. Fold in my warm guidance and teachings. And mash it all up with my dear husband’s narration and super clip-mixing skills. Whaddya get? One of the most powerful and best beloved pieces I’ve ever shared.

If you’d love to make more money but aren’t sure exactly how or what’s holding you back, please listen to this. You’ll hear from “business strategist, sonic alchemist, and suck exorcist” Fabeku Fatunmise; financial pioneer Barbara Stanny; and money coach Mikelann Valterra.

Access the thunder right here. (Repeat listens recommended.)

#5: How to “pimp your brilliance” with Monique Malcolm

Normally I’m the one asking the questions — but here’s your chance to hear me in the hot seat!

Hear serial entrepreneur and creative coach Monique Malcolm interview me about my money philosophy, charging based on your value, and the challenges that have defined my business.

Enjoy this playful and practical piece!

May we all find our own rhythms and flows — in work, in life, in summertime sun and beyond.

With my dearest wishes,

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