It’s official! I signed my second book deal!

written by Bari Tessler July 12, 2019

Dear Community,

It’s official! I signed my second book deal!

And, I am incredibly excited to be working with my new publisher, Shambhala Publications.

So, do you want to know what the book will be about?!

There have been many themes/topics put on the table.

  • Couples and Money. We got close to creating a book proposal on this one.
  • Parenting and Money. This was presented to me but I don’t think I can teach on this until my son turns 18!
  • Money Memoirs. My beloved interview series where I talk with folks from all different lineage and class backgrounds and different income levels at this time.

All solid ideas. But I said, “no thank you” to all of them.

They were not lining up with my time, money, energy, family and health equation at this life phase.

My first book was incredibly challenging in every way and I required a co-writer which was very pricey. It was SO WORTH it and I have the book I dreamt of, which I am so grateful for. But I couldn’t do that again at this life phase of motherhood and womanhood.

So after saying “no” to what I thought was the final time to my publishing mama, Rachel Neumann, she presented me with a new idea that made me cock my head, sit in a moment of awe, and then say, YES, YES, YES.

I will be creating a beautifully designed, interactive journal for you based on my Art of Money methodology: Money Healing, Money Practices and Money Maps.

It will be filled with prompts and questions for you to sit with you and journal about. And the visuals will be gorgeous.

It will not be a full-blown workbook (I already have a year-long program will all of my worksheets + other audio teachings).

This will be a creative experience for all the folks who read my book but need to engage more in the questions and conversation.

It will be for the folks who got my book, but it sat on the nightstand (untouched) because you don’t want to read, and would prefer to go through a whole interactive experience.

And, it’s for the creative folks who love journaling and need the visuals.

I love storytelling and that’s what I need. But I have learned that there is a huge community of folks that want the visuals, creativity and the journaling.

It will be a whole new creative process for me and I’m ready. It lines up with time, money, energy, healthy, family equation. I have 10+ months to do this! And, I am really so excited for this.

Also, I will not need a co-writer for this second book. I have so much content from my 18 years of teaching. And, I will have an editor from my publisher who has experience in these types of journals.

I hope you will join me in this celebration. I know you may have wanted a second book on one of those other topics, but this is really the best choice for me at this time in my life and motherhood and womanhood. And, I may create one of those other book topics down the road.

We’ve already had someone ask about pre-ordering! And, I said “oh wow, you’re excited for this new book! I just signed the contract today! This means i have 10+ months to create it and it will not be published until Spring 2021~ But I’ll let you know.”

And, she said “hehe I’ll read your first one in the meantime!” 🙂

My Art of Money book still has SO MUCH life to give. I want it to be a classic to enjoy for years to come.

And, this second book, The Art of Money Journal (new title to come) will help support everything and stand on its own as well for all the folks in the world who love to journal and need a more visual and interactive process.

With all my love and excitement,

***My publisher Rachel Neumann helped get me the first book deal at Parallax Press (and they still have my first book). She ran Parallax for many years. Last year she moved over to Shambhala and helped support a second book deal. We have wanted to do a second book together for a while. She is my publishing mama!

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