Holy. Shmoly. You Can Now Pre-Order My Book!

written by Bari Tessler March 20, 2016

Dear Community,

For 15 years now, I have heard the same question, over and over, Red Rover:

“When’s the book coming out?”

People asked me this question …

… after every public talk (from people who wanted MORE)

… smack-dab in the middle of private financial therapy sessions (from folks who knew their sweetie was ready for this work, too)

… and throughout my year-long money school, from lit-up students who wanted to share this work, this message, with their best friends, mothers, neighbors, cousins — all those people who are so ready to heal the stress, shame, and confusion they feel about money and make this relationship a unique expression of their noble hearts: clear, grounded, aligned, and empowered.

For years, each time I got The Question, I answered, “Not yet … but soon.” I knew as well as they did that there was already an Art of Money book, living inside me. But the book, these teachings, and I, needed time to grow and mature. That time is over. And I’m thrilled to say:

The book is here!

unshowered book galley happiness 550

Here’s the totally un-staged, unshowered, excited to-the-max moment when the box of book galleys arrived. I screamed so loud I scared the pants off of poor Forest!

The Art of Money by Bari Tessler

Photo credit: Danielle Cohen

The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness, published Parallax Press (Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh’s publishing house!) is now officially available for pre-order from:

Click on any of these links to pre-order!



The praise has already
begun rolling in:

“Bari Tessler adds an exciting, important voice to the money conversation. She beckons us to begin a healing journey into more mindfulness, peace, and joy around money that will reach into every aspect of life. At once spiritual and practical, this is the education we’ve been waiting for.”—Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money 

The Art of Money is a must-read. I’ve always said, “if you don’t deal with money, your money will deal with you.” Bari’s heart-felt stories and practical approach will give you just what you need to get a handle on money. Bravo!” – Barbara Stanny, Author of Overcoming Underearning and Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles. 

Reading The Art of Money is like being brought into conversation with the most loving and wise money guide you can imagine. This book will be useful for everyone, but I am particularly excited about it’s potential to empower women around this critical part of our lives that we often avoid or neglect. Through this book, Bari has completely changed the way I understand my relationship to money, for the much, much better.” – Tara Mohr, Author of Playing Big

“This book takes a wise, holistic approach to a very sticky topic. You’ll be wrapped in warmth, compassion, and wisdom as you take this journey with The Art of Money. You’ll arrive on the other side feeling more sane, more whole, and more free, financially and otherwise.”—Kate Northrup, Money: A Love Story     

“Bari Tessler has a gift for helping you dive deeply into your past, current, and future relationship with money in a conscious and compassionate way. This is a must read for creative entrepreneurs and for anyone wanting to truly thrive.”—Jennifer Lee, The Right-Brain Business Plan and Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way    

“I’ve taught about business and money to thousands of heart-centered and spiritual entrepreneurs, and I’m really struck by the humanness, the practicality, and depth of this book. I know I’m going to be recommending it to our clients and community as a primary resource.”—Mark Silver, MDiv, Founder/CEO of Heart of Business, Inc.    

“Bari Tessler’s approach to getting mindful about money is full of compassion and love. She shines a gentle light in all the places we don’t want to look, and from there, change is possible.”—Andrea Scher, Founder of SuperHeroLife

“I feel so much joy holding this book! It’s packed with time-tested wisdom, mature strength, and loving support. The Art of Money process is built on decades of refinement and a deep, heartfelt mission to improve lives. If you want to improve your relationship with money (and life and love and legacy), this book will help and you will thrive.”—Christopher Peck, The Resilient Investor

“Bari Tessler’s book is a rare gem that is filled with honesty, integrity and real solutions for anyone who wants to deeply explore their relationship with money. A true pioneer in the financial therapy field, The Art of Money should be required reading for everyone, but especially for financial service professionals and therapists. Kudos, Bari!” – Deborah Price, Money Magic and The Heart of Money, Founder/CEO, The Money Coaching Institute

To read more book endorsements, go here

The Art of Money officially hits the shelves on June 14, but you can pre-order it now (by clicking on any of those images) and be among the first to get it.


I know this book will help so many people … and I am utterly, positively over-the-moon excited that it’s finally here. Please enjoy!!


boulder bookstore cropped

This photo was taken at the Boulder Bookstore last year as I was introducing my dear friend, Sara Avant Stover, for her reading of The Book of She. I hoped and prayed that I would be kicking off my book tour here.


P.S. Want MORE book-y goodness? Details about the national book tour are right here. Mwah!


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