* I gave away 500 copies of my Art of Money book! *

written by Bari Tessler June 21, 2019
I'm giving away 500 copies of my Art of Money book!

Dear Community,


I can hardly believe it: my book baby is turning three years old! And I have the COOLEST way you can join the party (and even share with friends, if you like!).

That’s right: three years ago, I fulfilled a life-long dream. I became an author. And since I spent my childhood adoring bookmobiles and thumbing through card catalogues, I’m still happy dancing.

The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness is, quite simply, one of my proudest achievements. Finally, after years of people asking, “OMG, when are you gonna write a book??” I could share something with them!

A beautiful, gentle, helpful book. Packed with personal stories from my life and this dear community. Inspiring and warm and utterly unlike anything else out there. (No tough love. Just love.)

* I gave away 500 copies of my book! *


Yay! It’s all to celebrate my THREE YEAR BOOK-AVERSARY.

Just imagine me beaming over a home-baked, gluten-free cake, aflame with sparklers, belting out “For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow” and gifting party favors to you!

Why? Because I want people everywhere to suffer less, around money. To stop avoiding those tough money talks — and turn them into empowering life lessons. To stop shoving money under the rug and start embracing it as a powerful teacher.

I want to put my book in as many hands as possible, across the world. Because making friends with money is possible and unbelievably empowering. And the teachings and stories in this book have helped thousands of people do just that.

The Art of Money is the book your money-savvy best friend, therapist, and accountant would write if they could. So many of us lack a truly integrative understanding and approach to money. Bari Tessler’s gentle techniques weave together emotional depth, big-picture visioning, and refreshingly accessible, nitty-gritty money practices. She offers readers a new approach to their relationship with money—as a path of mindfulness, a doorway into self-awareness, a training ground for self-worth, a key to unlock intimacy, and a potent opportunity for radical un-shaming, self-care, and compassion. Both she and her book are warm, fun, reassuring, and full of surprises! “ (from my publisher, Parallax Press)

Art of Money Book Mindfulness


Oooooh I wanna tell EVERYone!
Yay!! I’d LOVE people brand-new to my world to see this! Share this post anywhere you’d like — Facebook, Twitter, Insta, at your dry cleaner’s …

Already got your copy, but still want another?
No problem! Give the new one to your hairdresser, your sister-in-law, or anyone who might love more peace and freedom around money.

Want TEN more?
Awww, you’re so sweet! But limit’s one per person on the freebies, dear heart. Let’s spread the love far and wide.

Wait, really? Free??
YUP. All you pay is shipping. And: yes, we can ship international.

Like, physical books? Not digital?
YES! And they’re hard cover, to boot. No Kindles were harmed in the production of this giveaway. Plus it’s printed on recycled paper, so we’re good there, too! (I adore the hardcover version.)

Art of Money Book Tour Travelogue - Boulder

More celebration, please!
Whether you get a free copy or not, please join the book-aversary celebration! Snap a book selfie, write a haiku, or simply share whatever you’re inspired to, about The Art of Money. (Make sure to tag us, so we see it! @baritessler on Facebook and @baritessler on Instagram.)

I’m so excited! Because this book was already and always my gift to you, dear community. And today, I get to ship that gift straight to your mailbox.

Thank you, thank you for being in this community!

With sparklers and birthday confetti and a brimming heart,

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