News! Want to work privately with me? (They filled up in 10 hours last year.)

written by Bari Tessler March 13, 2016

Dear Community,

Sometimes, the higher you soar, the more you long for your roots.

That’s the latest nugget o’ wisdom I’ve discovered in a big year of soaring. As you know, I spent the past year authoring my first book:

… In quiet moments, alone at my computer.

… Reflecting on the whole story and evolution of my work.

… Identifying the HEART of the Art of Money methodology.

During the past year while I was doing all of that, I wasn’t working with private financial therapy clients (because of the amount of time and energy that the book required.) And guess what I discovered, all alone, as I contemplated those things above and worked on the book?

The heart of this work is YOU. You and Me. One on one. Heart-to-heart.

So after many months of solitude and soaring, I’m getting back to my roots today. And I’m hoping you’ll join me there.

Today, I’m opening six spots for Private Financial Therapy sessions with me.

These private sessions are, quite simply, the deepest and most transformative way to address your money relationship: from deep emotional healing to the smartest next action steps to the grandest, most tender life-visioning. This is the heart of what I do, and wasn’t open the majority of the past year … and oh, oh, oh, have I missed it.

And heads up: when I opened a handful of Private Financial Therapy spots in 2014, they were all filled within 10 hours. No kidding. TEN hours! So if you’ve been waiting for this, now is the time to sign for a slot. (And if you’re wondering, no, this is not a fake marketing tactic to get you to feel urgency and sign up in a hurry. Hand on my heart, I’m being as honest as I can be. These private therapy slots literally get filled up in 8 or 10 hours after I open them.) 

Whether you are a veteran student of mine looking for the deepest dive or a newbie to this work and raring to go …

Whether you’re embarking on a solo journey or want to bring your sweetie along for couples sessions …

Whether you want the full six-month journey or simply one, laser-focused hour with me …

Click here to learn about Private Financial Therapy and snag your spot.

Once you sign up for your spot, you’ll receive my big, wonderful welcome email and a link to my calendar to schedule right away.

Because of travel and promotional commitments for my book launch, I am only opening an extremely small number of spots for Private Financial Therapy … and I honestly don’t know when I will be able to offer any more this year (or if I can offer any more at all in 2016).

Has your money relationship been whispering (or shouting) for deep, loving transformation? Come experience the truth with me: money can be your intimate, empowering companion — a loving training ground for more mindfulness (and less icky, pit-in-stomach feelings), more peace of mind, more OOMPH and clarity.

Let’s get to the roots … together.

Click here to sign up for a single session or six-month journey with me.

I can’t wait …


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