Money Mochas are Coming!

written by Bari Tessler October 11, 2019

Once a year, something scrumptious and rich happens ‘round here: our beloved Money Mochas content series. (Free and delicious, of course.)

Money Mochas are rich mini-jolts of money peace, love, and chocolate — which you can enjoy in the time it takes to sip your morning cuppa.

After all: short ‘n sweet can be truly deep … and a bite-sized idea is sometimes just what you need to shift your money relationship into a little more clarity and empowerment.

Every year, I curate a fresh lineup of Money Mochas for you, and this year’s got some fabulous nuggets o’ money wisdom: how one simple tool saved my butt on a big stage in New York, how “money dates” can powerfully change how you do the money dance, and the best techniques I’ve found to make money conversations with your honey way easier (plus loads of other money goodies for you!)

Every Money Mocha is a sweet, tiny ah-ha to help you enjoy more intimacy and confidence in your money relationship.

We’ll zap the first Money Mocha straight to your inbox in a few days. Cheers!

Why Money Mochas? Well, first and foremost because I love spoiling you with rich, delicious content! But it’s also my version of a big, celebratory dance …

The Art of Money 2020 is about to open for earlybird registration!

I’ve poured my entire methodology into a life-changing, year-long curriculum — replete with amazing Guest Teachers, live group coaching calls, a global community, and a gentle, can-do approach to profound money transformation.

It’s called The Art of Money … and in January, we’re starting our 8th year. (Wowzers!)

I know some of you are already a YES to The Art of Money and are just waiting for those doors to open. Thank you, thank you! We’ve got some amazing earlybird goodies for you!

And if you’re new ‘round here or aren’t sure whether The Art of Money is your cup of joe, our beloved Money Mocha series will give you an excellent taste (a chocolately slurp, if you will) of what the year-long experience can do for you.

Even if you have zero interest in joining The Art of Money, I hope you savor every bit of the Money Mochas Series, as my gift to you. There’s such good stuff here for you.

So stay tuned! The first Money Mocha’s coming your way in 3 days on October 16th … and I hope you enjoy it to the last drop.

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