Have I told you how BRAVE you are?

written by Bari Tessler September 13, 2012

Dear Community,

Last week, I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I left my house for work! After four years of working almost 100% online so that I could live my dream of staying home with my son while he’s little, this felt like a big deal, and so exciting. 50 amazing women showed up, all different ages, stories, hopes, and dreams.

We went as deep as we possibly could in a couple hours. People told me they felt the shame dripping away off of them. Some said they went home and cried, and even through those tears, they felt a new sense of empowerment. Wake ups happened. Forgiveness happened. One woman told me that “Healing fires were lit.”

I was so moved by these women, and the privilege to support them. And as I was driving home I was struck by their BRAVERY, and so moved by how brave you all are for doing this work.


Do you know how brave you are, for being here?

You are so BRAVE . . .

. . . . to incorporate body check ins in all those little money interactions throughout your day. To take a breath, feel your body, tap into those sensations and feelings that give you clues to your money story.

. . . when you log into your online banking, and simply see what your balances are, and if anything looks funny. Oh, how brave you are to look at your numbers.

. . . to make that appointment with your accountant, financial planner, or bookkeeper trainer. Or even gather a list of referrals and pick up the phone to interview them! Even if you don’t know everything about accounting, you are brave to sit there and stay present. To ask your questions, or even be okay not knowing what questions you need answered!

. . . to sit down with your honey and talk about money. To create a safe space to do this, and allow each other to share. This grows your compassion for one another, and helps you truly get that you are on the same team.

. . . when you choose the best bookkeeping system for you (e.g. Mint, Quicken, Quickbooks, etc), for this moment in your money story. The willingness to get in there and learn, get help + training, and stick with it. Knowing there’s no perfect system, but there is a system that’s right for you, right now.

. . for picking up the bones of your past and moving forward. This is about the Financial Therapy doorway, and doing the deepest excavation healing work available to you. Discovering what you learned from your family of origin. Granting forgiveness so that you can move forward. Taking the deep dive.

. . . when you say “YES” to crafting a money practice, perfectly suited to you and your life. Whether that’s 15 minutes a day, 30 minutes 2X/week, 60 minutes every Friday, make it a practice that you can succeed at. Craft and attend to it with the same love and care you give to your yoga practice, self care, or other parts of your life that are important to you. Return to it regularly, with intention, consciousness, and even joy!

. . . when you stay awake as you swipe your debit card and ask for the receipt. How brave to not check out at the check out counter!

. . . to let yourself dream. It’s brave to let yourself connect your dreams with your numbers. To set intentions for your Life, and map out how that influences your financial life.

. . . when you honor that there are seasons and cycles to life, and that the same goes for your relationship to money. Some years you are making more income, saving and giving more. Some years you are in a transition and strive to live within your means. Some years you are investing in going to a next level in your biz. You’re brave to honor your money dance.

. . . to set aside a whole luxurious hour to learn and soak in some new healthy money perspective, tools and practices {free teleclass recording for you}. With love + chocolate, of course.

It’s brave to show up. It’s brave to say “YES”, again and again, to yourself and your work.

Thank you for being so brave,

~ Bari

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