Have you named your superpower yet? I’ll go first . . .

written by Bari Tessler September 19, 2012

So, have you named yours yet? Your superpower?

Thanks to the one and only Andrea Scher, I got the amazingly deep experience of naming mine. She recently asked to feature me in her Creative Superheroes series, and I have to tell you, these interview questions just cracked me right open in the most beautiful way. I poured everything, heart and soul, into them.

I couldn’t help myself, as I pondered some of the richest interview questions I’ve ever been asked. Andrea’s invitations are about practicing courage, embracing vulnerability, and naming the lessons of creative entrepreneurship. This is by far my most cherished written interview to date.

I’m so excited to share these questions and Andrea with you. In fact, I want to take it a step farther, and tell you a little bit of why I recommend you take out pen and paper and answer these for yourself, asap.

The most important question she asks: What is your superpower?

I have to tell you, when I was first asked the question, I felt so narcissistic trying to brainstorm my answer. I didn’t know! I read through testimonials, asked my husband and dear friends, and really went on a little journey to find my answer. When I dug deep and stumbled upon it, I felt so empowered.

Here’s what naming my superpower has done for me, and why I invite you to name yours: I feel like I went through a cathartic and clarifying process in answering this question. Naming my superpower helped me really sit in my value even more (this is a life long cultivating process).

It’s helped me sink even deeper into who I am, and who I am not. It’s helped me grow as a human and business owner. When we’re equipped with the self-knowledge around our biggest gifts, this clarity infuses our work, our message, and our mission. We speak from a different place, we create our programs and offerings from a different place.

And, when we deepen our understanding of our value, we increase the impact of our work, our earning potential and our ability to be the change we wish to see in the world. Everything becomes so much smoother when its connected to our superpower.

So, I’m asking you: What is your superpower, dear friend? If you haven’t already, head over and read the whole interview, and when the time is right, answer the rest of the questions for yourself.

And, if you are inspired by any of what I share there, or simply the profound questions themselves, please share something of yourself and give some comment love!

To you and your superpower,

~ Bari

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