Write a Letter of Gratitude

written by Bari Tessler July 21, 2021
write a letter of gratitude

Dear Money Adventurer,

Celebration is an integral part of the human experience, reflected in cultures around the world, carried throughout our lineages, and our day-to-day lives. We mark anniversaries, achievements, and milestones personally, with our families, and our communities.  

When it comes to your relationship with money, celebration is an opportunity to reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re going, to honor what you’ve learned and overcome. It’s about creating time and space to be intentional, joyful, and thankful. 

When you make a point of intentionally celebrating your money journey, you open yourself up to creating a more authentic, more intimate, more meaningful relationship with money in your life. 

You might celebrate by throwing on your favorite playlist and dancing like nobody’s watching, indulging in a special treat, or throwing a party and inviting all your favorite people – these are all wonderful ways to celebrate! But today, I want to encourage you to do something a little different – write a gratitude letter. Take the time to tell money what you’re thankful for.

Dear Money,

We’ve been through so much together, sharing the highs and lows of life, and I just want to say “thank you.”

Thank you for every time I’ve been able to pay the bills. Thank you for the roof over my head, the food I eat, and the water I drink.

Thank you for teaching me to recognize and honor my own values and my own needs – even if I am still learning.

Thank you for illuminating hidden gifts inherited from my lineage, my family, my childhood. Thank you for empowering me to release all those beliefs that no longer serve me.

Thank you for walking beside me, bearing witness to my journey, and reminding me that this, too, is an ongoing lesson, that our path together is lifelong.

Thank you for revealing yourself to me in new ways, for reflecting my values and dreams back to me, for calling me to hear the still, small voice of my self.

Thank you for offering me a chance to be present, to honor who I am, to be more fully myself in my relationships, in my communities, and my life.

To celebrate how far we’ve come, I’m going to order my favorite take-out and enjoy a delicious dinner. Then I’m going to throw on my favorite playlist and dance for joy in my living room.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Whether you’re feeling moved to honor needs that have been met, lessons learned, gifts received, hopes and dreams for the future, or all of the above and more, simply stepping into this space of gratitude is a profoundly beautiful and powerful practice.

This is a call to embrace joy.

To celebrate growth.

To step into inspiration.

Are you ready to write a gratitude letter?

This is an invitation to celebrate your money journey, wherever you may find yourself in it. 

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