Three Gateways to Money Initiation

written by Bari Tessler August 5, 2011
Three Gateways to Money Initiation


Here’s me dorkin out…in a good way about my old website and my new website.

Ode to (website)

Time to shed another skin…and let you go.
You have served me so well for 8 long years.
You have served our dear and growing community.
You have been a great bridge for money, body, mind and spirit.
And, the beauty of your timely initiation has been sung by many.

I am so honored for all of the connections, healing and growth along the way.
I am grateful for my mentor, Tamara Slayton…for helping me conceive you.
I am so appreciative for my team of collaborators…for helping me grow you.
I am heart-warmed by my husband, Forest…
who has been there every step along the way.

It is time to dance into the next chapter…
closing one door while knowing the next door is already open.
It is time to shine even brighter and go light years farther.
And this new ship is much more equipped to forge the way…
for the next level of money + life initiations.

Time to say goodbye to my old site with the deepest gratitude.
Evolved vision, new site and fuller mission…here I come!

When you click on the old website, you will be re-routed to my new stomping grounds, right here on this site: www.baritessler

Three Gateways to Money Initiation

AND, before we make the change final next week, when is history…I want to make sure that you get a hold of this great GEM from my old site.

I was reminded of this published chapter today when a wonderful student in my Home Study Program linked to it on Facebook.

I contributed a chapter titled “Three Gateways to Money Initiation” in the book Einstein’s Business (2007).

While it is a little dated and from the B.N. period (Before Noah, as in before I had my son), it still has a lot of powerful and healing relevance.

And, it is simply the nostalgic foundation of the Conscious Bookkeeping Method.

Enjoy~ Click on this link to Enjoy the chapter:

Three Gateways to Money Initiation…









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