Couples + Money Discovery Tool

written by Bari Tessler July 6, 2011
Couples + Money Discovery Tool

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Have you ever had money issues with your spouse?  Read this…

Couples + Money Discovery Tool~

Step One.

We need awareness before we can see what changes need to be made or what direction we want to go in.

Here is a simple Couples Discovery Tool to help you increase your awareness and build your clarity for the best next steps.

Deep Breath…

1. Do you ever feel surprised, confused, or even frightened by how your partner spends money? What do you do with these feelings?

2. And what about how your partner earns, saves, gives, and invests money?

3. Is one or both of you tracking your finances on Mint, Quicken, or Quickbooks?

4. Who does the tracking and why? Have you directly discussed this arrangement? How does it feel to you?

5. Do both of you know how much money is coming in and going out?

6. Are you having money discussions? When, where, and how are these discussions going?

7. Do you have separate or merged accounts? How do you feel about this?

8. Have you explored your own money story? Do you know your partner’s story, including their background and current challenges?

9. Do you directly discuss your financial and life goals with each other?

10. Where do you feel alignment with your partner in terms of financial and life goals and where are you not in alignment?

11. Are you having money dates? What would this look like for you? What would it take to make them a regular part of your relationship? Are you willing to prioritize setting them up? Why or why not?

Deep Breath!

Well done!

Remember ‘Awareness’ is the first step.

And it’s a big first step!

Step Two.

Take another Deep Breath.  Maybe even wiggle those fingers, toes, shoulders…shake it out!

Step Three.

Choose one thing to begin to change about your current situation.

Maybe you initiate a conversation with your partner or you pick one spending pattern to adjust.  Perhaps you simply reflect on some aspect of your relationship with money and write about it in a Money Journal.

Choose one thing to change.

Step Four.

Do you want to work with me privately?

Financial Therapy spots (for couples and individuals) are opening up in September.

Please email me: [email protected], if you are ready to sign up or need more information.

I’m excited to support you!

With my dearest wishes,

Bari Tessler Linden, Financial Therapist

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