I can’t believe I actually invited myself to this event…

written by Bari Tessler August 20, 2011
I can’t believe I actually invited myself to this event

Have you ever invited yourself to an event?!!


In the past I might have been too shy to do this. But, when I heard about this event and went to the site, I had an immediate desire to contribute, as a speaker, to this online extravaganza. So, instead of pushing that strong desire to the side or waiting to see if I would be invited to be a speaker, I decided to be brave and bold and reached out to the creator of the event. I knew I was in a good position internally because I honestly was open to her saying either yes or no.

Here’s how the correspondence went:


Dear Leonie,

I would LOVE to contribute to your amazing summit! 🙂

I am so inspired by what you are creating.
I have yet to propose to someone to include me in a summit…
but I can’t stop myself from letting you know that I would LOVE to contribute
to your Worlds Biggest Summit as a leading woman’s voice and bring my unique teachings
to your growing community and to our world.

Please consider including me 🙂

Bari Tessler Linden, M.A.
Financial Therapist, Coach + Mommypreneur
“Tools for Financial Transformation”

With so much love, respect and joy for what you are bringing to the world~



(Her reply…)

Hello my darlingheart!!!

Thank you so much for your Facebook email about this…
synchroniciously enough, I had you down on my list of speakers to invite!!!

Official invite below!!! 🙂



Ok, how amazing is that?!!

While I was brave enough to invite myself, I was already on her list to be invited.
I will be one of the 100 teachers at this amazing online event!
And I will be teaching in the company of many beautiful and inspiring teachers.
Love the synchronicity of this~

Calling all creative souls around the world~

Let me now introduce you to the…

Worlds Biggest Summit!

What a title, huh?

My friend and colleague, Goddess Leonie Dawson has been inspired to create this gorgeous + big online event.

And I am thrilled to invite you to get your free ticket!

Leonie is the perfect woman to vision it, create it, and fill it with outrageous amazingness!
She is one of the most delightful humans who I have ever known.
She is a true force of creativity, spirituality and business all wrapped up into one.
Plus, she is a mommypreneur living in Australia and making her family’s dreams come true.


Here are the details of this gorgeous event:

Imagine leaning into your screen and learning from the world’s most inspiring teachers. This October, you will.

And, it’s completely, unquestionably, gorgeously FREE.

100 of the brightest illuminaries.

100 lightbulb moments.

It only takes one to change your life.

So what are ya waiting for?
Grab your free ticket and stay tuned for an amazing show in October.

To receive your free ticket for this event, click on the link below.

To view the list of creative teachers that you will be learning from, click the link below.

To get your ticket for the World’s Biggest Summit, go here…











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